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    Mensuration Worked out Problem for Bank Exam

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     Mensuration Worked out Problem

    Mensuration Worked out Problem for Bank Exam, SSC, SBI PO and other government  exam.

    1. The area of a rectangular field is 460 square meters. If the length is 15 percent more than the breadth, what is breadth of the rectangular field ?

                  a) 15                                      b) 26                            c) 34.5                                    d) Cannot be determined                                             e) None of these

    Answer : e) none of these

    Solution: Let breadth of a rectangle be x

    Then length = x + 15x/100

                       = x + 3x/20

                       = 23x/20

    Area of a rectangle = 460

    x × 23x/20 = 460

    x × x = 400

    x = 20

    1. If the length of the diagonal AC of a square ABCD is 5.2 cm, then the area of the square is :

        a) 15.12 sq. cm                     b) 13..52 sq.cm                      c) 12.62 sq.cm                         d) 10.00 sq. cm

    Answer: b) 13.52 sq.cm

    Solution: since the square is a rhombus and the diagonals of a square are equal

    Area of a rhombus =  1/2 × product of diagonals

                                  = 1/2× 5.2×5.2

                                  = 2.6×5.2

                                  = 13.52

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    3.if the diagonal of two squares are in the ratio of 2:5, their area will be in the ratio of

       a) √2:√5                                  b) 2:5                                  c) 4:25                                      d) 4:5 

    Answer: c) 4:25

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    Solution: let the diagonals of the square be 2x and 5x respectively

    Area of one square =  1/2 × 2x × 2x

                              = 4x2/2

    Area of other square =  1/2 × 5x × 5x

                                     = 25x2/2

    Ratio of areas of both the square = 4x2/2 25x2/2

                                                         = 4/25

                                                        = 4:25

    1. From four corners of a square sheet of side 4 cm, four pieces, each in the shape of arc of a circle with radius 2 cm, are cut out. The area of the remaining portion is

        a) 8 – π                                     b) 16 – 4 π                                          c) 16 – 8 π                                                        d) 4 – 2 π

    Answer: b) 16 – 4 π

    Solution: area of a square sheet = 4 × 4 = 16 sq. cm

    Since the angle between two sides of a square is 90 degree and the radius of arc is 2 cm

    S, area of 4 arc will be = 4 × 90/360 π22

                                        = 4π

    Area of remaining portion = 16 – 4π

    Mensuration Worked out Problem for Bank Exam

    1. The cost of building a fence around a circular field is rupee 7700 at the rate of  rupee 14 per foot . what is the area of the circular field ?

        a) 24062.5                                     b) 23864.4                                                c) 24644.5                                    d) Cannot be determined

        e) None of these

    Answer: a) 24062.5

    Solution: length of a fence = 7700/14

                                             = 550

    Circumference of a circle field = 2πr

                  2πr = 550

                  2×22/r = 550

                 r = 175/2

    Area of circular field = π r2

                                   = 22/7 × 175/2 × 175/2

                                   = 24062.5

    1. The sides of a triangle are 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm. The area (in cm2) of the triangle formed by joining the mid_points of this triangle is:

         a) 12                                                     b) 24                                       c) 6                                        d) 18

    Answer: c) 6

    Solution: a = 10, b = 8, c = 6

        s= (6 + 8 + 10)/2

        S = 12

    Area of a triangle ABC = √12(12-10) (12-6) (12-8)

                                             = √12(2) (6)) (4)

                                            = 24

    All the four triangles ADE, BDF,CEF and DEF are congruent, so their area are equal

    Hence, area of triangle DEF = 24/4

                                                 = 6 sq cm.

    1. If D and E are the mid_points of the side AB and AC respectively of the ΔABC in the figure given here, the shaded region of the triangle is what percent of the whole triangular region?


        a) 50%                                               b) 25%                                      c) 80%                                          d) 75%

    Answer: d) 75%

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    Solution: Since D and E are the mid_ points of AB and AC respectively

    So, DE is parallel to BC and 2DE = BC


    area ΔADE/area ΔABC = (DE)2/(BC)2     

                   = (DE)2/(2DE)2   

                   = 1/4

    area of shaded part /area ΔABC = ¾

    % = 3/4100

       = 75%

    1. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and breadth is decreased by 20% . then its area

        a) Increases by 4%                                    b) Decreases by 4%                                        c) Decreases by 1%                                         d) Remains unchanged

    Answer: b) decreased by 4%

    Solution: let the length of rectangle be 10

    And its breadth be 10

    Then, area = 100

    When the length is increased by 20%, new length = 12

    When its breadth is decreased by 20%, new breadth = 8

    then , new area = 96

    So, area decreased by 4%

    1. If the surface area of a cube is 294 sq. cm, then its volume(in sq. cm) is

        a) 216                                    b) 125                                          c) 343                                              d) 512

    Answer  c) 343

    Solution surface area of a cube = 294

                         6a2= 294

                          a2= 49

                          a = 7

    Volume of a cube = a3

                                = 7 × 7 × 7

                                = 343

    1. A right triangle with sides 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm is rotated about the side 3 cm to form a cone, the volume of the cone so formed is

        a) 16 π                                            b) 12 π                                         c) 15 π                                               d) 20 π

    Answer: a) 16 π



    when a triangle of side 3cm, 4cm and 5cm is rotated about the side 3 cm, then a cone of radius 4 cm and height 3 cm is formed

    Volume of a cone = 1/3 π rh

                                =  1/3 π × 4 × 4 × 3

                                = 16 π

    1. A wooden box measures 20 cm by 12 cm by 10 cm. Thickness of the wood is 1 cm. Volume of wood to make the box (in cubic cm) is

        a) 960                                  b) 519                                                c) 2400                                                   d) 1120

    Answer a) 960

    Solution outer dimension of wooden box = 20 cm , 12 cm and 10 cm

    Outer volume of box = 20 × 12 × 10

                                    = 2400 cc ( cubic centimeter)

    Thickness of wood = 1 cm

    Inner dimension of wooden box = 20 – 2 = 18 cm, 12 – 2 = 10 cm and 10 – 2 = 8 cm

    Inner volume of box = 18 × 10 × 8

                                   = 1440 cc

    Volume of wood in the box = 2400 – 1440  = 960 cc

    1. Water flows into a tank which is 200m long and 150m wide, through a pipe of cross-section 0.3m × 0.2m at 20 km/hour. Then the time (in hours) for the water level in the tank to reach 8m is

         a) 50                                b) 120                                   c) 150                                       d) 200

    Answer  d) 200

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    Solution: speed of water = 20 km/hour

                                          = 20000 m/hour

    Area of base = 0.3m × 0.2m

                        = 0.06 sq. meter

    Volume of water flows in 1 hour = area of base× speed of water in 1 hour

                                                      = 0.06 × 20000

                                                      = 1200 cubic meter

    Volume of tank up to 8 m height = 200 × 150 × 8

                                                     = 240000 cubic meter

    Time to reach the water 8 m high = 240000/1200

                                                         = 200 hours  

    1. The base of a right prism is a quadrilateral ABCD. given that AB = 9 cm, BC = 14 cm, CD = 13 cm, DA = 12 cm and angle DAB = 90 degree. If the volume of the prism be 2070 cm3, then the area of the lateral surface is

         a) 720                            b) 810                                   c) 1260                                    d) 2070

    Answer a) 720

    Solution Area of quadrilateral ABCD = area of ΔABD + area of  ΔBCD

    Since  ΔABD is a right angled triangle

    BD = √AB2 + AD2

          = √92 + 122

         = √225

         = 15 cm

    Area of Δ ABD = 1/2 × 9 × 12

                               = 54 sq.cm


    For ΔBCD, s = (13 + 15 + 14)/2

                         = 21

    area of ΔBCD =  √21(21 – 13) (21 – 14) (21 – 15)                                                               

                            =  √21 × 8 × 7 × 6

                            = 84 sq. cm

    Area of quadrilateral ABCD = 54 + 84

                                                = 138 sq. cm  

    Volume of prism = area of base×height

                     2070 = 138 × h

                        Height = 2070/138                                                                

                                   = 15 cm

    Perimeter of quadrilateral ABCD = 9 + 14 + 13 + 12

                                                        = 48 cm

    Area of lateral surface = perimeter of base×height

                                        = 48 × 15

                                       = 720 sq. cm

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  • Math Test paper 6 for Bank Po Exam

    Seating Arrangement Practice Set

    Jan 23 • Bank, Reasoning Notes • 1326 Views

    Seating Arrangement Practice Set

    Seating Arrangement Practice Set

    Directions(1-6)Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below-

    Eight persons -A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table at equal distances between each other,but not necessarily in the same order.Some of the people are facing the center while some others are facing outside(i.e. In a direction opposite to the center.(Note:-Facing the same direction means if one faces the center then the other also faces the center and vice versa.Facing the opposite directions means if one faces the center then the other faces outside and vice-versa.)

    H sits second to the left of G. H faces outside. Only two people sit between G and B. Both D and A are immediate neighbors of H. Only three people sit between A and C. E sits third to the right of D. C is not an immediate neighbour of E. Both the immediate neighbors of G face the same direction. F sits third to the left of A. E faces the same direction as D. F sits to the immediate right of B. Both the immediate neighbors of B face opposite directions. H faces a direction opposite to that of F.

    Q1. Which of the following true as per the given seating arrangement?

    1. None of the given options is correct.
    2. G sits to the immediate left of D.
    3. H sits second to tight of E.
    4. C faces the same direction as A.
    5. F is an immediate neighbour of D.

    Q2. What is C’s position with respect to B?

    1. Immediate left                                 2. Immediate right

    3. Second to the left                            4. Second to the right

    5.Third to the right

    Q3.How many people in the given arrangement face outside?

    1. Four               2. Six              3. Five                4. Two             5. Three

    Q4. Who among the following sits exactly between G and F when counted from the right of G?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    H J E D C

    Q5. Who is sitting third to the right of H?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    E B A C F

    Q6. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the seating arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    F C B H E

    Seating Arrangement Practice Set

    Directions(7-10)Study the following information carefully and Answer the questions given below:-There are 6 persons and they are sitting on a table i.e. in Hexagon Shape(A shape which has 6 sides) and they are facing the center. E is send to the right of B.A has two immediate neighbors i.e. E& B.F sits opposite to A and D,C are immediate neighbour of F.D cannot sit immediate left of B .

    Q7.Who sits third to right of C?

    1. A             2. B              3. C           4. D             5.E

    Q8. How many persons are there b/w A and F?

    1. 3           2. 2              3. 1             4. 4               5. None of these

    Q9. Who sit opposite to E?

    1. A           2. B            3. C             4. D               5. E

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    Q10. Who is next to B?

    1. AC           2. EA                3. DC              4. DF             5.FC 

    Directions(11-15)Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.Seven Trains namely A,B,C,D,E,F and G are scheduled to travel Jammu. There is only one train to Jammu on each of the seven days of the week,starting from Monday and  ending on Sunday. C travels on Wednesday. G travel the day next to B.B does not travel on Monday or Friday trains travel between the days B and E travels.E does not travel on Sunday. D travel a day before F.

    Q11)On which of the following days does A travel?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    Friday Sunday Tuesday Thursday None of these

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    Q12)How many train travels between F and C?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    None One Two Three Four

    Q13)Which of the following train travels on friday?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    G D E F A

    Q14. If C postpones its train to Sunday owing to some technical reasons and all the trains scheduled for Thursday to Sunday are now made to take off a day ahead of the schedule,which of the following trains would now trains on Friday?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    F A B D E

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    Q15. If E is related to B and C is related to D in a certain way based upon the Travelling schedule,then A will be related to which of the following based upon the same relationship?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    F D C G A

    Directions(16-20) Study the following information and answer the questions given below-
    Eight friends 1,2,3,4,A,D,E & Z are sitting in a straight line facing towards north.
    1) 2 is third to the right of E.                    2)  4 is third to the left of Z.
    3) 1 is not immediate neighbour of E & Z.
    4) There are 4 member between A and 3.
    5) There are 4 member between Z and E but any vowel does not at the end of line.
    6) A is immediate right of 1.  

    Seating Arrangement Practice Set

    Q16. who is at right end?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    3 4 1 Z A

    Q17. who is between A and D?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    E Z 1 4 3

    Q18. who is between 4 and 3?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    1 2 A D 3

    Q19. who is right to 1?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    A 4 Z E D

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    Q20. how many persons are between A and Z?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    3 4 7 5 2

    Directions(21-26)Study the following information and answer the questions given below-
    Eight Persons K,L,M,P,,Q,R,S,T are sitting around a Rectangular table. Four of them are sitting at the corner of the table and facing the outside. Remaining four of them are sitting to the four sides of the table and facing the center.
    P sits third to the right S. S is facing the center. Q is third to the left of M,who does not sits in the middle of the sides. Only one person between Q and R. R is not an immediate neighbour of M. T faces the center. K is not an immediate neighbour of R.
    Q21. Who is between K and P?

    (Option)1 (Option)2 (Option)3 (Option)4 (Option)5
    Q S T R None of these
    Options 1 2 3 4 5
    Q22. Who sits third to the right of T? L K Q S R
    Q23. Who is facing to the outside from the following given below- R Q T S M
    Q24. Who is left to the M? P Q L S K
    Q25. Who is opposite to Q? M L P K T
    Q26. who is diagonally opposite to L? T Q K S M
    Seating Arrangement Practice Set

    Directions(27-32)Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below-
    Eight Players, A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a circular table facing center not necessarily in the same order.
    Each one of them proficient in a different game viz. Kabaddi, Hockey, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Shooting and Tennis but not necessarily in the same order.
    C is second to the right of the person who is proficient in shooting. Only one person sits between C and the person who is proficient in volleyball. G is sitting third to the left of the person
    who is proficient in Tennis. The person who is proficient in Tennis is not an immediate neighbour of the person who is proficient in Shooting. C is not proficient in Shooting. The person who is proficient in basketball is to the left of D. D does not proficient in Volleyball or Tennis. The persons who is proficient in basketball and Tennis are immediate neighbors of each other. One of the immediate neighbour of the person who is proficient in Tennis, proficient in Hockey. B and H are immediate neighbour o each other. There is one person between B and A. E is not proficient  in Kabaddi. A is proficient in Volleyball. H is not proficient in Hockey. F is sitting between the persons who is proficient in Shooting and Cricket. G is second to the right of the person who is proficient in Kabaddi.


    Options 1 2 3 4 5
    Q27. Who among the following is sitting third to the right of C? S The person who is proficient in Hockey The person who is proficient in Volleyball H the person who is proficient in Kabaddi
    Q28. Who among the following is sitting just opposite to ‘A’? The person who is proficient in Basketball. F The person who is proficient in volleyball B The person who is proficient in Shooting
    Q29. Which of the following pairs represents the immediate neighbors of ‘E’? A and the person who is proficient in Tennis. B and the person who is proficient in Table Tennis. The person who is proficient in Volleyball and H. Cannot be determined None of these
    Q30. What is the position of ‘F’ with respect to ‘B’? Fourth to the right Fourth to the left Third to the right Fifth to the right Sixth to the left
    Q31. Who among the following is sitting fourth to the left of the person who is proficient in Hockey? D F G B cannot be determined
    Q32. Who among the following is sitting exactly between the person who is proficient in Table Tennis and F? C D A E H

    Answer Key

    Q1. 2              Q2. 4            Q3. 3            Q4. 5               Q5. 2               Q6. 1       Q7. 5              Q8. 2            Q9. 3            Q10. 1             Q11. 3              Q12. 4        Q13. 1    Q14. 4          Q15. 4           Q16. 4         Q17. 1             Q18. 2             Q19. 1     Q20. 4           Q21. 1           Q22. 2          Q23. 5            Q24. 4             Q25. 5        Q26. 3    Q27. 2           Q28. 5            Q29. 1        Q30. 3           Q31. 2              Q32. 1

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  • Cut off Marks For SBI Bank Exams

    Apr 22 • Bank • 790 Views

    The research is all about the Cut off Marks For SBI Bank Exams and some tips about bank exams.

    As we all know the bank exams are not easy to crack, in this many aspirants appear for the test but few of them get their success. some of the students are waiting for the dead line to start their study, please do not use this concept for your career. This may spoil your career, and by the time you do not get enough time to start your preparation.

    Solve the 10 year question papers by yourself and clear our doubts in coaching centers, this may results as you may good score in the exam.

    Some of the students even do not realize what they want to do, they waste their time in collecting papers or by buying study material from the coaching, but do not have time for self study.

    Do you think coaching is the only way to get success? No its wrong, but the coaching is the way that gives you the path but the success will be achieved by you only by moving on that correct path. They hardly matters whether you pass or fail. So, do self study too side by side by this you will achieve success.

    SBI Associate Clerk Cut Off list given below

    General – 162

    OBC – 160

    SC – 148

    ST – 142

    Number of jobs – 6425

    SBI Cut off marks:











     Quantitative Apt(40)  16  12  12  12  12  12  12  12  12
     Reasoning(40)  11  7  7  7  7  7  7  7  7
     General English(40)  13  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9
     General Awareness(40)  13  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9
     Marketing & Computers(40)  12  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9
     Qualifying Marks for Interview(200)  134  134  125  107  136  70  126  116  70
    Interview Cut Off(35)  14 12  12 12  12 12  12 12 12
    Final Selection(235)  174 168  156 137  151 88  156 141 136


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  • Time Management For Banking Exams

    Apr 22 • Bank • 602 Views

    Before we move on the Time Management For Banking Exams, lets discuss about the time management.

    What is Time Management ?

    Time is the word according to which we schedule our work and do efforts according to time only. Now a days time is money, now time has its own significance in different fields like many companies cuts the employee salary when they are not on time. If actual time sets for any employee and he is not on time, the actual amount can be deducted from the salary of employee. The most famous saying is “Time and Tide wait for none”.

    Also Read About

    Job Prospects in Banking


    Management is the word through which we can manage our things, time and management plays an important role in everyday life. Time has its own significance and management is the word that tells how can we manage the things according to time.

    Knowledge about Exam Pattern

    It is very important to have the knowledge about exam pattern. It is very helpful to you because if you know the exam pattern you will do the exam and exam preparation accordingly. If you do not know about the paper pattern then you are not able to do the exam preparation properly. And by this you may not score good marks in the exam and you are able to attempt all the questions that you want to do. This may also cover in Poor Time Management.

    Divide And Rule

    This means that you must divide your paper, the question which you know the most attempt those questions first, divide of paper will ease the attempt of questions for you only. By this you will cover the entire paper before a given time.

    Negative Marking

    Negative Marking should be kept in mind, by this means first you attempt the questions which you must know properly. if you do not the answer of the question then please do not attempt the question. You will loose the test if you do this, because this will suck your right answer too.

    Things To Follow

    1. Reach the examination venue, 30 minutes earlier of booked time to stay away from any inconvenience

    2. Preplan your go to maintain a strategic distance from postponement

    3. On the off chance that the competitor live a long way from the exam venue than achieve the destination before two or a prior day.

    4. The applicants ought to convey legitimate ID verification, for example, Passport/PAN Card/ Driving License/Voter’s Card/Bank passbook with photo/Photo Identity Proof issued by a Gazetted Officer (on authority letterhead) or Photo Identity Proof issued by a People’s Representative (on authority letterhead)/Identity card issued by a perceived school/University/Aadhar card with photo/Employee ID in unique and in addition a photocopy

    5. Call letter with your late international ID size photo

    6. Bring all the fundamental things along like ball point pen for harsh work and other documentation meets expectations.

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  • Job Prospects In Banking

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    The research is all about the Job prospects in banking and also some features about banking, that you must know.

    For the apprentices, it is the initial move towards understanding the worldwide economy, finding the difficulties of the commercial center and recognizing themselves with a profession that gives them colossal open doors, both inside the nation and abroad.

    With new banks heading up consistently owing to privatization of administrations, the industry in reality gives sufficient space to graduates in any field. In the event that you are an understudy of BCom, you can get set as a business official for credits, home loans and protection with any of the main banks. Everything you need is great relational abilities. Also, in the event that you hold a MBA in account from a decent b-school, you can hope to be set as a relationship chief. The compensation bundles are in like manner chose.

    Step By Step

    An admission to lone ranger’s project in managing an account obliges great rate in Class XII. In the event that you are an understudy from CBSE Board, you would require no less than 80% generally to get admitted to a decent school.

    Additionally, the aptitudes anticipated from understudies to pass the meeting incorporate great relational abilities, inclination for keeping money, deals, showcasing and cash matters. In the event that you are a devotee who loves exchanging stocks, shared trusts, multifaceted investments and comprehends the advantages and disadvantages of profiting individual credits and protection approaches, then it just adds to your profession prospects.

    It is prescribed that you begin get ready for CAT (Common Aptitude Test) right from school onwards so you are prepared and completely arranged to pass the passageway tests and get into a top b-school heading towards a magnificent profession in keeping money.

    Saving money projects presented by different government and private associations go for furnishing understudies with ideas, apparatuses and methods in the managing an account area.

    Case in point, extensively, the four year certification program in Banking and Insurance offers specialization in the accompanying zones:

    1. Environment and Management of Financial Services

    2. Micro Economics

    3. Effective Banking Communication

    4. Quantitative Techniques in Banking

    5. Organizational conduct in Banking associations

    6. Taxation of Financial Services

    7. Laws identifying with Banking & Insurance

    8. Cost Accounting of B&I Services

    9. Equity Debt

    10. Corporate Laws administering Capital Markets

    11. Strategic Planning in Banking associations

    Begin Early

    Saving money is a profession that offers chances to understudies from all streams, be it humanities, business or science. Nonetheless, to make a profession in managing an account, you must be great at examining numbers, that is, your math must be sufficiently solid to decipher and dissect numerical information. You must be arranged for the Banking Entrance Exams and for the meetings that take after these selection tests.

    Is it the Right Career for Me?

    Keeping money as a vocation gives chances to understudies from all subjects. For example, on the off chance that you are a BA understudy with great relational abilities, you can really get set with a saving money BPO as methodology official. Organizations, for example, GE Money, Max New York and driving banks, for example, ICICI, HSBC, HDFC, Standard Chartered, American Express, to give some examples, select understudies from universities for their BPOs and KPOs.

    Consequently, picking saving money as a profession is an insightful alternative for those inspired by developing quick in their professions and the individuals who wish to get introduction to world markets at an early stage itself.

    What might it Cost Me?

    The expenses structure for a managing an account four year certification fluctuates from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000 relying upon the school you select. Private organizations, for example, NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) offer confirmation programs that cost.

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  • Learn and Earn By Doing Bank Exam Preparation

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    The research is all about the Learn and Earn By Doing Bank Exam Preparation.

    Take Stock: Knowing where you stand:

    Bank exams test just fundamental Aptitude, and thus it is not entirely obvious the requirement for advancement and falling on the trap I know every one of these things.

    Yes, the truth of the matter is that the exam covers fundamental number juggling and bent. Notwithstanding, what gets neglected is the requirement for pace coupled with Accuracy. In a run of the examination, there is a significant time weight. One needs to answer 250 questions in 150 minutes a minor 36 seconds for every inquiry.

    Subsequently, knowing how to tackle an issue does not suffice, knowing how rapidly you can do likewise accurately is the key. Henceforth, taking load of where you remain regarding speed and exactness on different points that gets secured in this exam is an unquestionable requirement.

    The most ideal approach to know where you are is to take fake tests and get the chance to know where you remain as far as the imprints scored by you, time taken and contrast your imprints and the cut off imprints and imprints scored by different wannabes.

    Know the examination

    The following step is comprehend the examination. While the information needed for most bent tests are the same, the technique to handle the examination will vary fundamentally relying upon the exam itself.

    The Common Written Examination (CWE) led by IBPS, searches for one to be balanced over various regions. Consequently, there are individual shorts for every area. In the event that one is solid in say English & can score high, it will help his reason in choice. In any case, as an essential one needs to cross the cut of imprint in each of the 5 segments. Along these lines, if one scores high on English and low in say GK, he/ she won’t qualify despite the aggregate imprints being superior to the normal shorts. This needs to be comprehended and there are numerous different things. A percentage of the key regions are:

    Qualifying stamps in every area, Negative imprints, Questions with contrasting challenges and methodology for taking care of Time administration.

    Taking direction on each of the exam and its uniqueness will go far in making a suitable procedure for one in assaulting this examination.

    Expert Coaching

    Another as often as possible brought up issue among wannabes is that is there a requirement for expert training for bank exam.

    This emerges by and large from the way that as certain people we have a tendency to accept that we are prepared for the test and we can split any examination as we know the majority of the ideas. This certainty is completely essential. Nonetheless, certainty alone is not sufficient.

    We have to comprehend the way that an individual who has an above normal fitness levels has a reasonable opportunity to break the exam regardless of drilling. None the less, if expert training helps him to get 10-20 extra denote, this can have a colossal effect – in light of the fact that the opposition is high and each extra stamp is a worth.

    Yes, numerous individuals accept that what is secured in the bank exam training were taught in school. However the truth of the matter is, the greater part of us have a tendency to overlook what was taught in school and a refresher is an unquestionable requirement for one to be prepared for confronting the opposition with time due dates.

    Practice, Practice and more practice

    Practice makes a man perfect it is said and this is without a doubt not without reason. More the time spent in rehearsing, better is the productivity in the examination. Take Sachin for instance, he has made it a propensity for honing and more he practices, more effective he gets to be at the wrinkle. Higher the endeavors before the examination, better is the proficiency amid the examination.

    Subsequently, a genuine contender why should sharp get work in keeping money needs to put in a long stretch of time of diligent work, which has the capacity of giving remunerates in products.

    An expert direction in comprehension the regions which oblige practice will go far in improving one prepared to split the bank examination

    Get it done

    Like in many things in life, achievement goes to the individuals who appreciate what they are doing. Yes, Bank exam arrangement can be a burdensome undertaking. On the other hand, one needs to appreciate experiencing the planning.

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  • Bank Probationary Officer

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    Bank Probationary Officer is a white collar job in banking sector, the chance of the growth in career are much more thats why lacs of the aspirants are seeking for the job of Bank Probationary job. A candidate who got a new job in banking sector and on probation period for two years during this period he performs many activities whatever the upper management will order like he may work as clerk, as cashier and any work.

    Criteria for Bank Probationary Officer:

    The criteria of Bank Probatinary officer is given. and it has two phases which are given below:

    1. Educational Criteria:

    Banking Sector don’t need any specif qualification in any field. If you are graduate in any field from a recognized university then you could apply for this job.

    If the aspirant is in final year of his graduation then he he also  can apply for the job and he must submit their documents on the time of interview.

    2.Age limit:

    The minimum of an aspirant for this job is 21 years he must not be below 21 years and the maximum age is 30 years.and the relaxation based on category in age is given below :

    (a) SC/ST Candidates- 05 years

    (b) Other Backward Caste (OBC)-03 years

    (c) Physical Handicapped

    (i)SC/ST (PH)-15 years

    (ii)OBC(PH)-13 years

    (iii)GENERAL(PH)-10 years

    (d) Ex- Serviceman-05 years

    The above mentioned eligibility criteria ios must for Bank Probationary Officer if you are not able to fulfill one of them then you are not eligible for the post.

    Functions Of Bank Probationary Officer: 

    Some of the main responsibilities of Bank Probationary Officer are mentiontioned below:

    1.Customer Service- All the banks depends on the customer so every bank wants to give mopre important to their customer so the main work and responsibilty of Bank Probationary Officer is to satisfy the customer and tell them about the new opportunities.

    And in may banks the work of the Bank Probationary Officer is to look in to new customers to provide them best information for their satisfaction and to issue the ATM Cards, Cheque Books And Loan.

    2.Bring New business- The Bank Probationary Officer interact directly with the customers and then the banks needs some more from Probationary Officer as like you have to promote their new p[policies and promotion of their business. you have to tell the customers about the Credit cards, fixed deposit, Insurance policies, mutual funds and about anything which gives growth to the bank.

    3. Cash Handling- It is not the work of Bank Probationary Officer but if there is much crowed in bank or the cashier is on leave then you may have to perform this activity also. Any Bank Probationary Officer got trained during his two years of probation period about it and about all the activities which banks performs. you also be ready for the load cash in ATM if the ATM is near is in Bank.

    4. Clearance of payment-  Basically all the clearance of the payment performs by the clerks but some payment need an officers authorization like if some payments is deposited by cheque means by DD, NEFT/RTGS then it could be cleared only by an officer grade employee so Bank Probationary Officer also performs this activity.

    5.Official communication- this activity is most important and it increases the confidence level and shows your leadership quality. Bank Probationary Officer communicate directly with all the employees directly aboul the new policies and abort new information and also about the new technology which helps their banks in growth.

    So the Bank Probationary Officer is a post or responsibility in which you have maintain yourself well and you have to be perfect in all the works of the branch just because after this job the next promotion is Barnch Manager.

    salary of Bank Probationary Officer:

    The pay scale of a Bank Probationary Officer is 14500-25700 and the actual salary they get is approximately 31000-32000 per month.


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  • Bank Specialist Officer

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    Bank Specialist Officer is the job which relates with a specific field. every bakn wants to do growth in minimum time so they are appointing some specialist officer for a specific field. the list of the Bank Specialist Officer given below:

    1.IT Officer:-  Each and every bank wants its own IT Officer which helps to protect the software on which the banks are working. they are also responsible for data base, server checking and for networking. the B.E. and B.Tech in computer science and information technology, Electronics & Communication,Telecommunication & electronics can apply for this job.

    2.Law Officer:- Law officer are those who handles the all legal matters as well as judicial matters and the candidate must have the bachelor degree in law (LLB) or master degree in Law (LLM). and must be enrolled as advocate with bar council.

    3.Agriculture Officer:-The Agriculture officers are appointed by the banks to make the relations with the farmers they handle the loans of the farmers for the agriculture purpose. they mostly visit in rural areas and mosly posted also in rural areas. the candidate for this post must have a degree in Agriculture/ Horticulture/Animal Husbandry/ Veterinary Science/ Dairy Science/ Agri. Engineering/Fishery Science/ Pisciculture/ Agri Marketing & Cooperation from recognized university are generally needed for the recruitment at these Posts.

    4.Marketing Officer:- The marketing officers as the name of the post shows they appointed by the bank for the marketing and for the branding of the bank and they also work as the market researcher and also used by the banks to make the relations with the public and they also search the new ideas for the growth of the banks. The candidate must have the MBA degree for this post.

    5.HR officer:- HR officers appointed by the banks to train their employees about the human relationships. they also performs many of the activities like industrial relationships, media relationship and to conduct the training and development programs. the candidate must have a degree of MBA,PGDM in HR discipline.

    6.Rajbhasha Adhikari:- As the name shows itself they are appointed by the banks to translate their activities  from English to Hindi. the candidate applying for the job must have the degree in Hindi or Sanskrit with English discipline.

    Eligibility Criteria:

     Sr. No.  Name of Post  Minimum Age  Maximum Age  Qualification
     1.  IT Officer  20  30          B.E./B.tech                      (CS,IT,ECE)
     2.  Law Officer  20  30 Batchler degreeIn Law              (LLB)
     3.  Agriculture Officer  20  30  Bachelor Degree in Agriculture discipline
     4.  Marketing Officer  20  30  MBA(Marketing) PGDBM,PGDBA
     5.  Hr Officer  20  30  MBA (HR)
     6.  Rajbhasha Adhikari  20  30  Bachelor Degree in    Hindi,English And      Sanskrit Subjects


    1. the aspirant must be the citizen of of India and subject to Nepal and Bhutan also can apply.

    2. If the aspirant is Tibetan but shifted to india before January 1,1962 and permanently settled in India also can apply.

    3. If the aspirant migrated from Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Burma and East African Counties also can apply.

    4.But the migrated candidate must provide the certificate of eligibility issued by Government of India.

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  • How to low stress of Banking exam

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    The stress is the which can destroy your all the preparation so you have to remove it very soon and never get stressed some of the tips are given below for How to low stress of Banking exam. by using these tips you can remove remove it easily:

    Preparation Plan:

    If you have a preparation plan for your study if you are preparing yourself for bank exam or any other competitive exam then you will never get stressed and your preparation will go on the right track so always prepare a preparation plan before you start it its effective and it will help you in your study.and also always do your study according to it you will surely get success in any competitive exam.


    revision is must and it must be carried out on daily basis give some time daily for your revision and this step will help you to remember your last days preparation and if you will give some time it daily then you will never forget your last study and during the exam time you will never need to prepare hard and you will also not think a lot it eill help you to remove stress and stress will never come to you. so the revision is must if you are doing preparation for banking sector or any other competitive exam.

    Break during study:

    Break is necessary during study if you are studying from hours and you just think your mind is not working properly just take a break and always keep yourself far from those things which can disturb your mind like television, louder music. you can make a coffee for yourself during this break this will energies you. and after this break you can concentrate on your study. So the break is also mandatory between the long study.

    Sleep Regularly:

    Regular sleep is also important for your health and if you will not sleep regularly it will harm your body and you will not be able to concentrate on your study. A regular sleep sleep will provide a new energy so never compromise with your sleep and always sleep in cool and calm place and also in very slow lighting. Sleep is the main thing which also help you to remove the stress.


    Food is also important factor and it provides energy for your body and your body works according to your diet. if your diet will be full of energy then you will feel fresh and energetic everyday.so always choose food for you which contains vitamins and protein. And choose some green vegetables daily for your diet. and always use fruits in your breakfast and avoid fast food which contains heavy fat.


    Exercise is most important thing to destroy the stress. you have to do exercise daily for few minutes it will provide you freshness and you will feel energetic after the exercise always wake early in the morning and do exercise for minutes and every day take some fresh air of the morning air you also can go on a walk the tension will never come to you.


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  • How to prepare notes

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    The preparation of notes is must if you are going to prepare yourself for bank exam or any other comnpeytitive exam its important just because you will be able to learn too much if you will write itself and if you will prepare notes by yourself then one much important is that the notes will be in simple language and you own language then they will be easy understandable.

    Some of the points are given below which helps you to prepare your notes easily-

     1. Own Language- Always try to write youre notes in your own language never try to copy all the words from your book or anywhere else. if you will use your own words then it will help you to learn easily. and one more advantage will be that you will write those words mostly which are in your mind and that will help you to revise it and revision of the notes will be easy.

    2. Use flow charts and Diagram-The flow chart and diagram also much important when you are making your notes by yourself it will be easy under stoodable and always help you remember many more things in very few time diagram is much important when you are making notes with the help of diagram you can easily learn much things. so always try to use diagrams and flow charts in your notes.

    3.Mark Important headings- If you are preparing notes for the bank exams then there will be many of the words which will be imporatant during the exam always mark them then you could be able to learn them easily and you can search them also in your notes in very short time you can serach them. and for this you can use different coloures pens and pencils you can mark them and you also can use highlighter.

    4. Always make small notes- Always try to make small notes and write only things which are must and never try to make heavy notes. if your notes will be small and will be in simple language you will be able to remember much more thing in the comparision of hevy notes. and always manage the time when you are preparing notes always write in short it will help you to manage your time and your precious time will not waste.

    5.Compare notes with others- Always compare your notes with others it will help you manage your notes well and you can easily find out your faults and you can correct it. and it will also help you to see what is not in your notes then you can add those topics also. compare the note and sharing of notes these two are very effective techniques to prepare good notes and to find out the faults in your notes.

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