• Bank Specialist Officer

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    Bank Specialist Officer is the job which relates with a specific field. every bakn wants to do growth in minimum time so they are appointing some specialist officer for a specific field. the list of the Bank Specialist Officer given below:

    1.IT Officer:-  Each and every bank wants its own IT Officer which helps to protect the software on which the banks are working. they are also responsible for data base, server checking and for networking. the B.E. and B.Tech in computer science and information technology, Electronics & Communication,Telecommunication & electronics can apply for this job.

    2.Law Officer:- Law officer are those who handles the all legal matters as well as judicial matters and the candidate must have the bachelor degree in law (LLB) or master degree in Law (LLM). and must be enrolled as advocate with bar council.

    3.Agriculture Officer:-The Agriculture officers are appointed by the banks to make the relations with the farmers they handle the loans of the farmers for the agriculture purpose. they mostly visit in rural areas and mosly posted also in rural areas. the candidate for this post must have a degree in Agriculture/ Horticulture/Animal Husbandry/ Veterinary Science/ Dairy Science/ Agri. Engineering/Fishery Science/ Pisciculture/ Agri Marketing & Cooperation from recognized university are generally needed for the recruitment at these Posts.

    4.Marketing Officer:- The marketing officers as the name of the post shows they appointed by the bank for the marketing and for the branding of the bank and they also work as the market researcher and also used by the banks to make the relations with the public and they also search the new ideas for the growth of the banks. The candidate must have the MBA degree for this post.

    5.HR officer:- HR officers appointed by the banks to train their employees about the human relationships. they also performs many of the activities like industrial relationships, media relationship and to conduct the training and development programs. the candidate must have a degree of MBA,PGDM in HR discipline.

    6.Rajbhasha Adhikari:- As the name shows itself they are appointed by the banks to translate their activities  from English to Hindi. the candidate applying for the job must have the degree in Hindi or Sanskrit with English discipline.

    Eligibility Criteria:

     Sr. No.  Name of Post  Minimum Age  Maximum Age  Qualification
     1.  IT Officer  20  30          B.E./B.tech                      (CS,IT,ECE)
     2.  Law Officer  20  30 Batchler degreeIn Law              (LLB)
     3.  Agriculture Officer  20  30  Bachelor Degree in Agriculture discipline
     4.  Marketing Officer  20  30  MBA(Marketing) PGDBM,PGDBA
     5.  Hr Officer  20  30  MBA (HR)
     6.  Rajbhasha Adhikari  20  30  Bachelor Degree in    Hindi,English And      Sanskrit Subjects


    1. the aspirant must be the citizen of of India and subject to Nepal and Bhutan also can apply.

    2. If the aspirant is Tibetan but shifted to india before January 1,1962 and permanently settled in India also can apply.

    3. If the aspirant migrated from Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Burma and East African Counties also can apply.

    4.But the migrated candidate must provide the certificate of eligibility issued by Government of India.

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  • How to low stress of Banking exam

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    The stress is the which can destroy your all the preparation so you have to remove it very soon and never get stressed some of the tips are given below for How to low stress of Banking exam. by using these tips you can remove remove it easily:

    Preparation Plan:

    If you have a preparation plan for your study if you are preparing yourself for bank exam or any other competitive exam then you will never get stressed and your preparation will go on the right track so always prepare a preparation plan before you start it its effective and it will help you in your study.and also always do your study according to it you will surely get success in any competitive exam.


    revision is must and it must be carried out on daily basis give some time daily for your revision and this step will help you to remember your last days preparation and if you will give some time it daily then you will never forget your last study and during the exam time you will never need to prepare hard and you will also not think a lot it eill help you to remove stress and stress will never come to you. so the revision is must if you are doing preparation for banking sector or any other competitive exam.

    Break during study:

    Break is necessary during study if you are studying from hours and you just think your mind is not working properly just take a break and always keep yourself far from those things which can disturb your mind like television, louder music. you can make a coffee for yourself during this break this will energies you. and after this break you can concentrate on your study. So the break is also mandatory between the long study.

    Sleep Regularly:

    Regular sleep is also important for your health and if you will not sleep regularly it will harm your body and you will not be able to concentrate on your study. A regular sleep sleep will provide a new energy so never compromise with your sleep and always sleep in cool and calm place and also in very slow lighting. Sleep is the main thing which also help you to remove the stress.


    Food is also important factor and it provides energy for your body and your body works according to your diet. if your diet will be full of energy then you will feel fresh and energetic everyday.so always choose food for you which contains vitamins and protein. And choose some green vegetables daily for your diet. and always use fruits in your breakfast and avoid fast food which contains heavy fat.


    Exercise is most important thing to destroy the stress. you have to do exercise daily for few minutes it will provide you freshness and you will feel energetic after the exercise always wake early in the morning and do exercise for minutes and every day take some fresh air of the morning air you also can go on a walk the tension will never come to you.


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  • How to prepare notes

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    The preparation of notes is must if you are going to prepare yourself for bank exam or any other comnpeytitive exam its important just because you will be able to learn too much if you will write itself and if you will prepare notes by yourself then one much important is that the notes will be in simple language and you own language then they will be easy understandable.

    Some of the points are given below which helps you to prepare your notes easily-

     1. Own Language- Always try to write youre notes in your own language never try to copy all the words from your book or anywhere else. if you will use your own words then it will help you to learn easily. and one more advantage will be that you will write those words mostly which are in your mind and that will help you to revise it and revision of the notes will be easy.

    2. Use flow charts and Diagram-The flow chart and diagram also much important when you are making your notes by yourself it will be easy under stoodable and always help you remember many more things in very few time diagram is much important when you are making notes with the help of diagram you can easily learn much things. so always try to use diagrams and flow charts in your notes.

    3.Mark Important headings- If you are preparing notes for the bank exams then there will be many of the words which will be imporatant during the exam always mark them then you could be able to learn them easily and you can search them also in your notes in very short time you can serach them. and for this you can use different coloures pens and pencils you can mark them and you also can use highlighter.

    4. Always make small notes- Always try to make small notes and write only things which are must and never try to make heavy notes. if your notes will be small and will be in simple language you will be able to remember much more thing in the comparision of hevy notes. and always manage the time when you are preparing notes always write in short it will help you to manage your time and your precious time will not waste.

    5.Compare notes with others- Always compare your notes with others it will help you manage your notes well and you can easily find out your faults and you can correct it. and it will also help you to see what is not in your notes then you can add those topics also. compare the note and sharing of notes these two are very effective techniques to prepare good notes and to find out the faults in your notes.

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  • Bank Frequently Asked Questions

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    we are giving here the Bank Frequently Asked Questions  questions and answers which are asked  by the aspirants about the bank exams.

    1.What is the age limitations in the IBPS exam for bank P.O.?

    Ans- The minimum age is 20 years and the maximum age is 30 years.

    2.What are the rules for relaxation in age according to the category of the candidate?

    Ans- The Age relaxation for the SC/ST candidate is 5 years for OBC is 3 years and for Ex-Serviceman it is also 5 years.

    3.What about the Qualification Required for various posts in banking sector?

    Ans- Banking Sector don’t need any specific education they just need a graduation degree for any university which is under govt of India.

    4.What about the application Fee, how much it is?

    Ans- For SC/ST candidates it is 100 rs only and for others it is 600 rs only.

    5.How long the validity will be of this exam scorecard issued by IBPS?

    Ans- The validity of the score card will be end itself when the business will close on 31.03.2016

    6.What is pattern of the exam?

    Ans- There are total 5 sections in this exam and total marks are 200. every section is given below with its marks.


    2.General Awareness-40

    3.General English-40

    4.Quantitative Aptitude-50


    7. Negative marking is there or not and what is its criteria?

    Ans- Yes, negative marking is there and its criteria is 1/4.

    8.How many banks are participating in this IBPS exam?

    Ans- 23 Banks are participating.

    9. Can i use Hindi language for the interview?

    Ans- You must give the reply to the interviewer in that which he is using. but you ask for Hindi.

    10.What I should Prepare for Interview?

    Ans- Read news paper for everyday before interview and about your subject banking sector, about your state and general awareness.

    11.how to ans to the interviewer ?

    Ans- Never show hurry when you are giving answer and always be calm. take your time and give the ans clearly.

    12. what should i wear for the interview?

    Ans- Always wear a formal dress with black shoes and black belt for boys.and for girls it must be plain salwar and suit if they would not prefer western formals.


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    This is my first post.

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