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  • English Comprehension Notes: Pronoun

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    Definition of Pronoun   A word is used in place of noun is called Pronoun. In order to avoid repetition of a noun in a sentence, pronoun is used. Kinds of Pronoun Personal Pronoun Personal pronoun stands for the three persons, i.e. – First person,

  • Practice Questions on Speed Time and Distance For SSC and Bank Exams

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    Now when you have read the notes for the quantitative aptitude(topic covered- speed, time and distance) for SSC, IBPS and other government competitive examinations. Here are the few Practice Questions on Speed Time and Distance for SSC and bank exams.

  • Bank Probationary Officer

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    Bank Probationary Officer is a white collar job in banking sector, the chance of the growth in career are much more thats why lacs of the aspirants are seeking for the job of Bank Probationary job. A candidate who got a new job in banking sector and on

  • Bank Specialist Officer

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    Bank Specialist Officer is the job which relates with a specific field. every bakn wants to do growth in minimum time so they are appointing some specialist officer for a specific field. the list of the Bank Specialist Officer given below: 1.IT Officer:-

  • How to low stress of Banking exam

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    The stress is the which can destroy your all the preparation so you have to remove it very soon and never get stressed some of the tips are given below for How to low stress of Banking exam. by using these tips you can remove remove it easily:

  • How to prepare notes

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    The preparation of notes is must if you are going to prepare yourself for bank exam or any other comnpeytitive exam its important just because you will be able to learn too much if you will write itself and if you will prepare notes by yourself then one much

  • Bank Frequently Asked Questions

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    we are giving here the Bank Frequently Asked Questions  questions and answers which are asked  by the aspirants about the bank exams. 1.What is the age limitations in the IBPS exam for bank P.O.? Ans- The minimum age is 20 years and the maximum age is 30