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Directions (71-80) : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case-

The Centre would like us to (71) that the Smart Cities Mission will transform urban life in the (72) that enter the elite club. With the latest (73), there are 90 cities in the list, each of which proposes to turn ‘smart’, utilizing core funding from the Centre and other resources. By all accounts, the (74) of basic services in urban India has been (75), and this is clearly (76) in the winning city proposals: 81 of the selected plans seek funds for affordable housing, new schools and hospitals, and redesign of roads. This is at best a partial list, and there are many more aspects to achieving (77.)There is a high-visibility campaign around the Smart Cities Mission, but there is little evidence to suggest that State and local governments have either the fine-grained data or the capability to (78) them in order to understand the evolving needs of their communities. The Centre has (79) decided to skirt such a fundamental problem by adopting a ‘managed urbanization’ approach in the chosen cities, with the powers of municipal councils delegated to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), under the Companies Act, that will act in its own (80). Given that this is the model adopted by the two-year-old Mission, the Centre must present a status report on what the SPVs have achieved so far.

71) a) neglecting b) defaulting c) failing d) discharging e) imprisoning

72) a)  ambiguous  b) clear  c) clean d) tidy e) messy                                   

73) a) whip b) lash c) switch d) flail e) club                                                  

74) a) counsel b) Committee c) team d) jury e)  company                             

75) a) ongoings b) afoot c) recedings d) proceedings e) regressings             

76) a) shunning b) intervention c) avoiding d) eschew e) acceptance           

77) a) imperative b) elective c) enforced d) coercive e) needed              

78) a) attaching  b) filing c) stuffing d) gearing e) tackling                         

79) a) diligent b) occupied c) quiescent d) sedulous e) busy                     

80) a) discovered  b) unbosomed c) divulged d) masked e) veiled            


71. (b)

72. (e)

73. (a)

74. (b)

75. (d)

76. (b)

77. (a)

78. (e)


80. (c)



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