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Directions (71-80) : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case- 


The rapid rise of Mohammed bin Salman, from one (71) many princes in the al-Saud royal family to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia within a (72) of two years, is an (73) development in the history of the Kingdom. Little-known outside the palace until January 2015 when his father, Salman bin Abdulaziz, became the (74), Prince Mohammed has since been the face of Saudi Arabia overseas and of reforms at home. Appointed Deputy Crown Prince by his father, Prince Mohammed often overshadowed the then powerful Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Nayef. He was directly in charge of the Kingdom’s foreign policy and rolled out an (75 ) economic reform agenda last year. Throughout, he had the support of the octogenarian King, even as the Crown Prince, reportedly (76) with his cousin (77) him, kept a low profile. On Wednesday, King Salman put an end to all (78 ) on the succession by ousting Prince Nayef, his nephew, and appointing his son the new Crown Prince. This has practically removed all (79) for the 31-year-old to ascend the throne once his father retires or dies. With King Salman largely (80) to the Palace owing to health reasons and Prince Nayef forcibly retired, the new Crown Prince has already become the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia.

71) a) within b) in between c) among d) between e) amongst

72) a) span b) period c) system d) table e) time                                            

73) a) innovative b) unique c) pioneering d) untried e) unprecedented                  

74) a) monocrat  b) tyrant c) monarch dictator e) despot                                 

75) a) dreamer b) hopeful c) ambitious d) optimistic e) pessimistic                  

76) a) flowing b) upset c) charming d) happy e) busy                                       

77) a) beating b) bypassing c) dodging d)  sidestepping e) escaping               

78) a) conclusion b) deduction c) gathering d) documentation e) speculation              

79) a) cramps b) hurdles c) stoppages d) predicament e)  stops                             

80) a) confined blocked c) locked d) caught e) interned                                          



71) (C)

72) (A)

73) (E)

74) (C)

75) (C)

76 (B)

77 (D)

78 (E)

79 (B)

80 (A)

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