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  • Directions (71-80) : In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case-    



Assam’s Bihugeet songs celebrate the many colours of the Brahmaputra and its life-sustaining character, with stirring (71) by Bhupen Hazarika in praise of the of its people in their most challenging moment — when the river turns (72) during the monsoon and floods the plains. That season is once again upon the State, and the death toll has (73) 40. Lakhs have been put off their normal stride, with tens of thousands (74) from their homes. The (75) has circled vast parts of the Kaziranga National Park, (76) its wildlife into towns. There are dramatic images of a rhinoceros walking through the streets. A (77) to normality must now await (78) of the rising waters, and the drafting of a comprehensive relief plan by the Assam government with help from the Centre and the specialized units of the disaster response forces. Yet, short-term measures can have no (79) impact on the Brahmaputra’s course each year, as several factors (80) its tendency to overrun its banks in the June-July season.

71) a) versions b) variations c) renditions d) presentations e) readings      

72) a)  furious b) raging c) idiotic d) inflamed e) fuming                                  

73) a)  cleared b) crossed c) failed d) shown e) raised                                     

74) a)  displaced b) succeed c) shifted d) dismissed e) rejected                

75) a)  overwhelm b) inundated c) submerged d) water e) deluge                  

76) a)  clearing b) lifting c) dispersing d) leaving e) breaking                         

77) a) return  b) move c) relieved) submission e) proclaim                           

78) a) weakening  b) reduce c) decrement d) abatement e)  fade                     

79) a) lasting b) ensuring c)  abiding d) remaining e)  surviving                       

80) a) contact b) leverage c) rank d) influence e) power                              


71. C

72. A

73. B

74. A

75. E

76. C

77. A

78. D

79. A

80. D



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