Computer Number system Note for IBPS PO

Computer Architecture Notes for IBPS PO

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Computer Architecture Notes for IBPS PO 

Computer Architecture

Computer architecture defines the components and the relationship between them. It also describes how different components interact with software to form a computer system.

In other words computer architecture defines the design of the computer system.

According to Hayes – Computer architecture defines the study of structure, behavior and design of computers.

The best known computer architecture is known as “John Von Architecture” or “Princeton Architecture”, introduced in 1948 by John Von Neumann. This architecture is still used by most of the computers today. Here is the diagram of Architecture

CPU– CPU stands for central processing unit. CPU is also known as the microprocessor. It controls all the input/output devices, memory and ALU functions and operations.

Primary task of CPU –

  • Transfer instruction/data from main memory to register and vice
  • CPU executes the instructions in the stored
  • When necessary, CPU transfers the output data from register to main memory.

CPU consists of three main subsystems – ALU (Arithmetic logic unit), CU (Control Unit) and Registers.

1) ALU– ALU contains the electronic circuit that performs all arithmetic & logical operation on the given data.

  • Arithmetic operations includes addition(+), Subtraction(-), Multiplication(*), Division(/)
  • Logical operations includes (<, >, =, >=, <=, ==, !=, And , Or, Not )

2 ) CU

  • The basic function of control unit is to fetch instructions from the main memory, after that identify the operations and devices involved in it and accordingly generate control signals to assigned devices and memory to execute the
  • Control unit coordinates with Input and Output devices. It organizes & maintains the proper sequence of the processing of data &
3)  Register-
  • Registers are high speed special purpose registers. They are temporary memory unit. We can access them directly as they cannot accessed by their
  • They are used to store current information that is required by CPU. The information can be data, instruction, address and intermediate result of
  • Number and sizes of registers vary from processor to

Computer Architecture Notes for IBPS PO

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Memory –  It is the essential component of computer that holds data, instructions and information. We have two types of memory.

1) Primary memory

2) Secondary memory

Input and Output Devices-  Input devices are those devices which are used to enter any data/information into the computer.

Ex – Keyboard, Mouse

Output devices are those devices which are used to show/give any information to the user.

Ex – Monitor, Printer

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Important Terms –

 Mother Board- It is the main Printed circuit board mounted the CPU. It is also known as Logic Board, Planar board and System Board. It is found in general purpose as well as special purpose systems. It allows communication between different components of the system such as memory, CPU, and other peripherals. It uses different buses to connect dif7fe/5r3ent components.

BUS- A bus is a set of wires used to connect different components of the system so that data/information can move from one component to other component, where each wire can carry only a single bit.

There are two types of BUS according to connectivity

1) Internal Bus – It is also known as system bus, local bus, front side bus or Memory bus. It connects all the internal components such as CPU and memory to the motherboard. It is also known as local bus as they are intended to connect local

2) External Bus – It is also known as the expansion bus. It connects different external components like peripherals, expansion slots, I/O Port and drive connections to the rest of the computer.

There are three types of bus according to their work.

1) Data Bus- The data that is to be transferred is carried by data

2) Address Bus– The addresses of I/O devices and memory is carried by address bus

3) Control bus– The instructions/commands to access the memory or I/O devices are carried by control

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Computer Architecture Notes for IBPS PO

Computer architecture Questions and Answer

1. The CPU comprises of Control, Memory and units

a) Microprocessor                          b) Arithmetic/Logic              c) Output                    d) ROM


2. C’ in CPU denotes …

Central                        b) Common                   c) Convenient                 d) Computer

Answer (a)

3. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU) ?

c) Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse                                             b) Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit

c) Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits                      d)Control Unit, Monitor

Answer (d)

 4. Where is RAM located ?

a)Expansion Board    b)External Drive    c) Mother Board          d)All of above

Answer (a)

 5. Which is not an integral part of computer ?

a) CPU                  b) MOUSE      c) MONITOR              d)  UPS

Answer (d)

 6. The machine cycle includes

a) Fetch              b) Decode           c) Execute       d) Store           e) All

Answer (e)

7. ALU is

  1. Acess logic unit                       2.  Array logic unit                   3.  Arithmetic logic unit                           4. none
Answer (3)

8. Where does computer add and compare data?

  1. Hard disk                   2. Floppy disk                                         3. CPU chip                4.  Memory chip
Answer (3)

9. CPU can directly understand this language? 

1. C                2. Assembly                 3. Machine language                    4. Java

Answer (3)

10. The first microprocessor was

1. Intel 4004         2. 8080               3. 8085                  4. 4008


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