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Distance and Direction question for BANK PO

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Distance and Direction question for BANK PO

Distance and Direction question for BANK PO/IBPS SO SSC exam Preparation.


Types of Question

A)Distance & Direction Based

Ex1. A man left home and cycled 10km southwards, turned right and cycled 5km and turned right and cycled 10km and turned left and cycled 10km. How many kilometers will he have to cycle to reach his home straight?

Sol.=                   capture

Clearly man cycled A->B=10km,then B->C=5km,then C->D=10km,then D->E=10km.

Then distance from A->E=ED+DA


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Ex2.-Komal walks 10 km towards North.From there she walks 6km towards south.then she walks 3km towards east.How far is she from starting point?



Clearly Komal moves a->B=10km,then B->C=6km,then C->D=3km.So,Komal ‘s distance from starting point i.e A->D

AD²=AC²+CD²    =>4²+3²        =>25



Distance and Direction question for BANK PO

Ex3. Sourabh walks 12m towards east then he turn to his right and moves 8m. then he turns to his left and moves 6m again he turns to his left and moves 15m and finally he turns to his left and moves 18m. Now towards how far is he from starting point and in which direction?

Sol.=Clearly saurabh walk A->B=12m,then B->C=8m,then C->D=6m,D->E=15m, then E->F=18m.So,FA=ED-BC.=>15m-8m=>7m towards North.


B)Angle Based

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Ex1. A man is facing south.He turns 135˚ in the anti clockwise direction and then 180˚ in the clockwise direction.Which direction is he facing now.


Ex2. I am facing South.I turn 100˚ in the clockwise direction and then 145˚ in the anti clockwise direction.Which direction am I facing now?



Practice Set

Q1.Kittu walks towards East and then towards South. After walking some distance he turns towards West and then turns to his left. In which direction is he walking now?

a) North          b) South               c) East                   d) West

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Q2.A person is driving towards West. What sequence of directions should he follow so that he is driving towards South?

a)left,right,right                   b)right,right,left

c)left,left,left                         d)right,right,right

Q3.Richa drives 8km to the south, turns left and drives 5km.Again, she turns left and drives 8km. How far is she from her starting point?

a) 3km                 b) 5km               c) 8km               d) 13km

Q4.Dingi runs 40 km towards North then turns right and runs 50km. He turns right and runs 30km, and once again turns right and runs 50km.How far is he from his starting point?

a) 90km          b) 50km            c) 10km                d)5km

Q5.If North is called North-West,North-West is called West,West is called South-west and so on.What will south-East be called?

a) East           b) West         c) North-East               d) South-west

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Q6.A man travels 100km towards South. From there he turns right and travels  100km and again turns right to travel 50km. Which direction is he in from his starting point.

a) North         b) North-east            c) East               d) South-West

Q7.A train runs 120km in west direction,30 km in south direction and then 80km in east direction before reaching the station. In which direction is the station from the train’s starting point?

a)South-West         b)North-West          c)South-East         d)South

Q8.Facing the west direction, Priya jogs for 20m, turns left and goes further 40m.She turns left again and jogs for 20m.Then she turns right to go 20 m to reach the park. how far is the park from her starting  point and in which direction?

a) 20m South         b)40m West            c) 60m South           d)100m East

Q9.If all the directions are rotated i.e., North is changed to west and east to north and so on, then what will come in place of North-West?

a)South-West       b)North-East        c)East-North          d)East-West

Q10A and B start together from one point. They walk 10km towards North, A turns left and covers 5km whereas B turns right and covers his 15km. How far is A from B?

a) 18km           b) 10km         c) 5km             d) 8km

Answer Key

1) B         2) D            3) B             4) C           5) A    

6) D         7) A            8)C             9) A           10) D

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