English Comprehension: Pronoun Practice Questions

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Pronoun Practice Questions for SSC, IBPS, SBI PO and Other Competitive Examinations

Error Detection:-

  1. This is(a)/ a new car but(b)/ that is old ones(c)/No error(d)
  2. These are(a)/ a new phones but(b)/ those are old one(c)/No error(d)
  3. Your scarf is red(a)/ but(b)/ my one is green(c)/No error(d)
  4. Rekha has(a)/ seen any(b)/ of you there.(c)/ No error(d)
  5. Mrs. Harper(a)/ did not see(b)/ any of you there.(c)/ No error(d)
  6. Ram(a)/ must do not(b)/something for us.(c)/No error(d)
  7. Shambhavi forgot(a)/ the year in whose(b)/ she was born.(c)/ No error(d)
  8. Who of the(a)/ following questions(b)/ are true.(c)/ No error(d)
  9. Who(a)/ was that(b)/ purse?(c)/ No error(d)
  10. Radhika asked(a)/ as many issues(b)/ she could.(c)/ No error(d)
  11. Mrs.Sachi Aryan is(a)/ the most intelligent teacher(b)/ whom I know.(c)/No error(d)
  12. Raman is(a)/ an athletic(b)/ who we admire.(c)/ No error(d)
  13. This is(a)/ the same school(b)/ in that they study.(c)/ No error(d)
  14. Sita as well as(a)/ other girls absented(b)/ themselves from the school.(c)/ No error(d)
  15. The English defeated(a)/ French in the(b)/ battle of Wandiwash.(c)/ No error(d)
  16. As a councilor(a)/ she is far better(b)/ than her.(c)/ No error(d)
  17. Mine is(a)/ the same problem(b)/ that yours.(c)/ No error(d)
  18. The hospitals of Delhi(a)/ are more expensive(b)/ than that of Orissa.(c)/ No error(d)
  19. The five brothers(a)/ live in Gujarat and(b)/ they loved each other.(c)/ NO error(d)
  20. I,You and he(a)/ shall do(b)/ their homework. (c)/No error(d)
  21. You, he and I(a)/ commit a crime(b)/ and caught by Police.(c)/ No error(d)
  22. We, they and you(a)/ should be concerned(b)/ for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.(c)/No error(d)
  23. Everybody but she(a)/ was not available(b)/ for a yesterday’s conference.(c)/ No error(d)
  24. Ambica(a)/ laughed(b) at I.(c)/ No error(d)
  25. Everybody attended(a)/ the baby shower(b)/ except her.(c)/ No error(d)
  26. I run(a)/ faster(b)/ than her.(c)/ No error(d)
  27. I know(a)/ her(b)/ as much as him.(c)/No error(d)
  28. It is her(a)/ who is responsible(b)/ for her failure.(c)/ No error(d)
  29. India and Pakistan(a)/ are developing country.(b)/ Its are facing poverty issues.(c)/ No error(d)
  30. It was Ram(a)/ who has gone through(b)/ a big mental trauma.(c)/ No error(d)
  31. Ours laboratory(a)/ was closed(b)/ for three days(c)/. No error(d)
  32. Yours is(a)/ a(b)/ beautiful house.(c)/ No error(d)
  33. She has(a)/ lost my bag(b)/ as well as your(c)/ . No error(d)
  34. Save your(a)/ project(b)/ as well as me.(c)/ No error(d)
  35. She himself(a)/ is the(b)/ cause of her death.(c)/ No error(d)
  36. She(a)/ enjoyed(b)/ during vacation.(c)/ No error(d)
  37. He should(a)/ keep himself(b)/ away from bad boys.(c)/ No error(d)
  38. She(a)/ hid herself(b)/ in the classroom.(c)/ No error(d)
  39. Either of these(a)/ four sisters(b)/ is naughty.(c)/ No error(d)
  40. Shamita will(a)/ do the work(b)/ for myself.(c)/ No error(d)
  41. Every of the(a)/ five-countries are(b)/ taking part in NSG summit.(c)/ No error(d)
  42. These are(a)/ new projects(b)/ but that are old ones.(c)/ No error(d)
  43. Yesterday, eleventh(a)/class have(b)/bunked the lecture.(c)/No error.(d)
  44. Have you(a)/ seen a building(b)/ who includes ten floors?(c)/ No error(d)
  45. I have concluded(a)/ some ways whose(b)/ derive my previous problem.(c)/ No error(d)
  46. Everybody greets(a)/ Raman who(b)/ she treats a terrorist.(c)/ No error(d)
  47. She can defeat(a)/ Shreya whom(b)/ has defeated everyone.(c)/ No error(d)
  48. Shipra hate(a)/ everyone and everybody who(b)/ reminds them of their past.(c)/ No error.(d)
  49. She is the(a)/ girl who(b)/ helped him yesterday.(c)/No error(d)
  50. I(a)/don’t know(b)/ who is she.(c)/ No error(d)

Previous Year Questions:-

  1. You must either(1)/ be regular with your studies(2)/ and study for long hours period before   the examination.(3)/ No error(4)  {SSC Section officer(Audit) Exam. 1997}
  2. Tea(1)/ which I am drinking(2)/ is hot.(3).No error(4)    {SSC Section officer(Audit) Exam.14.12.2003}
  3. I know(1)/ a doctor(2)/ you are referring to.(3)/No error(4) {SSC Section officer(Audit) Exam.14.12.2003}
  4. He is one of those writers(1)/ who has won acclaim(2)/ the world over(3)/ No error(4){SSC Statistical Investigator Grade-IV Exam.31.07.2005}
  5. The fact of me(1)/ being a stranger(2)/ does not excuse his conduct.(3)/ No error(4) {SSC Section officer(Audit) Exam.10.12.2006}
  6. The doctor advised Mr. Murugan that,(1)/ because of his sever cramps,(2)/ he should lay in the bed for a few days(3)/ No error(4){SSC Tax Assistant – Income Tax & central Exercise Exam.29.03.2009}
  7. Kambli is one of the players(1)/ who has been selected(2)/ for the test match no Kamli is one of the players who has been selected for the test match.(3)/ No error(4){SSC Tax Assistant – Income Tax & central Exercise Exam.14.12.2008}


Error Detection

    1. that is old ones(c)  – wrong
      that is old one        – correct, because that singular form and one is used in place of ones for that.
    2. those are old one(c)- wrong
      those are old ones   – correct, because those- plural form and ones is used in place of one for those
    3. my one is green(c) – wrong
      mine is green         – correct
    4. seen any(b) – wrong
      seen some   – correct
    5.  No error(d)
    6. must do not(b) – wrong
      must not do      – correct
    7.  the year in whose(b) – wrong
      the year in which       – correct
    8. Who of the – wrong
      Which of the  – correct, because in case of selection use which.
    9. Who(a) – wrong
      Whose  – correct
    10. as many issues(b) – wrong
      as many issues as – correct
    11. whom I know.(c) – wrong
      That I know – correct
    12. who we admire.(c) – wrong
      whom we admire.(c)   – correct
    13. in that they study.(c) – wrong
      in which they study.   – correct
    14. themselves from the school.(c) – wrong
      Herself from the school.    – correct, herself is used in place of themselves because in case of as well as first subject is considered and here in this case first subject is singular.
    15. French in the(b) – wrong
      The french in the  – correct
    16. than her.(c) – wrong
      Than she  – correct, because in case of comparison both the subjects should be in nominative case.
    17. that yours.(c) – wrong
      As yours.       – correct, use as in place of that because after using ‘the same’ verb is not specified and in that case as  is used.
    18. than that of Orissa.(c) – wrong
      than those of Orissa.   – correct, use those in place of that because of plural subject.
    19. they loved each other.(c) – wrong
      they loved one another   – correct
    20. I,You and he(a) – wrong
      You, he and I      – correct, in case of a sentence when all the three persons come together then apply rule 231.i.e. second person, third person then first person respectively.
    21. You, he and I(a) – wrong
      I, you and he    – Correct, in Case when all the three persons come together and something wrong done by all then order is 123.
    22. We, they and you(a) – wrong
      We, you and they     – correct, in case of plural forms of all the three persons come together in a same sentence, the order is 123.
    23. Everybody but she(a) – wrong
      Everybody but her      – correct, ‘Her’ is used in place of ‘she’ because objective case comes after but.
    24. at I.(c) – wrong
      at me  – correct
      Me is used in place of I  because objective case comes after preposition.
    25. No error(d)
    26. than her.(c) – wrong
      than she      – correct, Use she in place her because in case of comparison both the subjects should be in nominative Case.
    27. No error(d), because it means I know you as much as I know him.
    28. It is her(a) – wrong
      It is she     – correct, Her is replaced by she because as per rule when sentence starts with ‘It’ and followed by any    Form of ‘be’ then the pronoun that follows ‘be’
    29. Its are facing poverty issues.(c) – wrong
      They are facing poverty issues. – correct
      Use they in place of its.
    30. No error(d)
      It is used in a sentence as subject to emphasize on noun or pronoun.
    31. Ours laboratory(a) – wrong
      Our laboratory(a) – correct
      Ours is replaced by Our because ours is possessive pronoun and it cannot be placed near noun.
    32. No error(d)
    33. as well as your(c) – wrong
      as well as yours   – correct
      Your is replaced by yours.
    34. as well as me.(c) – wrong
      as well as mine    – correct
    35. She himself(a) – wrong
      She herself      – correct, Use herself in place of himself And reflexive pronoun i.e. herself is used to emphasize personal pronoun.
    36. enjoyed(b) – wrong
      Enjoyed herself – correct
      According to rule, use reflexive pronoun with words like enjoy.
    37. keep himself(b) – wrong
      keep                – correct, remove himself as we do not use reflexive pronoun with words like ‘keep’.
    38. hid herself(b) – wrong
      Hid                 – correct, remove herself as we do not use reflexive pronoun with words like hid’.
    39. four sisters(b) – wrong
      Two sisters(b) – correct, Either and neither are always used for two.
    40. for myself.(c) – wrong
      for me           – correct, ,me is used in place of myself. Because reflexive pronoun cannot be used as a subject/object of a sentence unless noun/pronoun comes before it.
    41. Every of the(a) – wrong
      Each of the       – correct
    42. but that are old ones.(c) – wrong
      but those are old ones.(c) – correct, That should be replaced by those.
    43. class have(b) – wrong
      class has       – correct, Have should be replaced by has, class is a collective noun and treats as singular subject.
    44. who includes ten floors?(c) – wrong
      which includes ten floors?(c) – correct, Who is replaced by which because which is used for non living things.
    45. some ways whose(b) – wrong
      some ways which      – correct, Whose is replaced by which as which is used for non living things i.e. ways.
    46. Raman who(b) – wrong
      Raman whom   – correct
    47. Shreya whom(b) – wrong
      Shreya who        – correct, Whom is replaced by who.
    48. everyone and everybody who(b) – wrong
      everyone and everybody that  –     correct, Use that when which and who is equally needed in a same sentence.
    49. girl who(b) – wrong
      girl that      – correct
    50. who is she.(c) – wrong
      who she is –  correct

Previous Year Questions

  1. and study for long hours period before the examination.(c) – wrong
    Or study for long hours period before the examination.       – correct
  2. Tea(a)    – wrong
    The Tea – correct
  3. a doctor(b) – wrong
    The doctor who – correct
  4. who has won acclaim(b) – wrong
    who have won acclaim(b)  – correct
  5. The fact of me(a)  -wrong
    The fact of my       – correct
  6. he should lay in the bed for a few days(c) – wrong
    he should lie in the bed for a few days      – correct
  7. who has been selected(b)  – wrong
    who have been selected(b) – correct
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