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1. Having an institution mechanism/(a) is one thing, but infusing a sense/(b) of responsibility in those helming/(c) State governments is quite another./(d)  NO ERROR/(e)


2. It is also a possible part shot by/(a) the outgoing administration before/(b) the unambiguously partisan/(c) Trump team takes charge./(d) NO ERROR/(e) 


3. Over the years the bureaucratic impediments/(a) that the cumbersome requirements posed to/(b) genuine applicants were so severe that much had/(c) to knock on the doors of high courts for remedy./(d) NO ERROR/(e)


4. The new rules address many irritants/(a) in the process of getting a passport,/(b) but also make one wonder why these/(c) were not introduced long before./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (ago)


5. At present, the existing/(a) staff are  redeployed, and existing/(b) buildings are being utilised/(c) for administrative purposes./(d) NO ERROR/(e)

6. The decision to increase the number/(a) of districts was taken following/(b) the spiralling of an agitation/(c) in Jangaon, Sircilla and Gadwal./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (no error)


7. Equally questioning is the NDA government’s own/(a) record in pursuing the case, which seems to have sped up only now,/(b) after the Milan high court overturned the lower court’s/(c) partial acquittal of Finmeccanica officials./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (questionable)


8. Eradicating corruption from the defense sector/(a) is a necessity, not only  for saving taxpayer/(b) money but also uphold the country’s/(c) battlefield preparedness./(d) NO ERROR/(e)

9. Equipments bought on/(a) compromised quality standards/(b) can have untold consequences/(c) at critical moments./(d) NO ERROR/(e)


10. Some may believe it is time to set free the Rajiv case/(a) prisoner as they were mere accessories/(b) in the assassination, while/(c) the masterminds are dead./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (prisoners)


  1. A , Mechanism is noun and an adjective describes a noun so ‘institutional’ will replace ‘institution’.
  2. A, ‘Parting’ will replace ‘part’.
  3. C, We use ‘much’ for uncountable noun and ‘many’ for countable noun so ‘many’ will replace ‘much’.
  4. D, ‘Ago’ is used in past tense and ‘before’ in past perfect so replace before by ago.
  5. B, ‘Being’ is used when the action is done by someone else and not the subject of the sentence (are being redeployed).
  6. E, NO ERROR
  7. A, ‘Questionable’ will replace ‘questioning’.
  8. C, Not only – but also is a type of correlative conjunction. They link the same words so to will come after but also.
  9. A, equipment will replace equipments.
  10. B, prisoners will replace prisoner.

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