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IBPS PO Notes for Computer software

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IBPS PO Notes for Computer software

Computer software

Computer Software is a set of programs  designed  to  perform  a  well-defined  function. A program is a sequence of instructions written to  solve  a  particular  problem.  Software is  a interface between user and computer.

There are two types of software

  • System Software
  • Application Software

System software is collection of programs designed to operate, control, and extend the processing capabilities of the computer.

Application software designed to fulfill the requirement of user. Eg MS office, MS word etc. Utility software designed to enhance the functionality of computer system. Eg. antivirus.

Types of operating system
  1. Batch operating system : Data and Program are executed or processed in a group called Batch

Batch OS works in two steps

  • First storage of processes in form of a batch known as accumulation of jobs.
  • Jobs are processed in sequential manner called periodicals processing of jobs.
  1. Multi-programming operating system : Two or more program reside in primary memory simultaneously. Multi-programming system are multitasking multi-user and multiprocessing operating system.
  1. Single user : Designed for single user and a single person use it at a time i.e. DOS windows 95
  1. Distributed operating system : It is group of independent computers and makes them appear to the user of the system as a single computer. Data processing jobs are distributed among the processors according to their
  1. Real time operating system : It is a computing environment that reacts to input within a specific time period. It is used at those Places in which we Requires higher and Timely. There are two types of RTOS
  • Hard real time OS : That guarantee a maximum time for the operation it
  • Soft real time OS : That cannot absolutely guarantee a maximum time for the operations it perform.
  1. Time sharing operating system : A time sharing system allows the many users to simultaneously share the computer
  1. Embedded operating system : Refers to the operating system that is self contained in the device and resident in
  1. Mobile operating system : mobile OS is an OS that operate on smart Phones , tablets and Digital mobile devices. Google’s latest version of its android OS is Nougat and iOS i.e. iPhone Operating System’s latest version is IOS
  1. Server-site Operating system : Also known as network operating system. It is a complete set of files, tasks and job management. Eg Linux, Unix,

Functions of Operating System

  1. Process management : The OS handles the creation and deletion of processes and also manages the scheduling and
  2. File management : Includes creating and deleting both files and directories. Allocating space for files, easy access of
  3. Buffering : Storing data in memory area called
  4. Spooling : Sending data to a spool of the computer memory. OS maintain the spooling of data by adding an address location with every element in the

IBPS PO Notes for Computer software

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User Interface

OS provide an interface between the computer user and hardware.

Graphical user interface : That enable a person to communicate with a computer through the use of symbols, visual metaphors and pointing devices. Eg gaming, media player. Character user interface : or command line interface , interacting with a computer system or software by typing command.

Computer languages

  • Low level language : These are coded in a form which is easy to understand by the processor.
  • Machine language: It is also a type of low level language these can be develop in binary language (0 and 1) .
  • Assembly language : it is also a type of low level language and using the human readable instruction of the CPU. It is written as ‘MOV A.’ High level language programmer can write code in simple easy language, it is user friendly . E.g. C, JAVA
  • C language : it is a middle level programming language and also known as procedural language
  • C++ is high level language that uses the OOPS
  • Fort ran : it is known as formula translation .it is used for scientific application
  • COBOL(Common Business Oriented Language ): used for record keeping and data management in business organizations
  • BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) : first language designed for non-professional
  • PASCAL : it is developed as a teaching tool for programming
  • Language processor (Translator) : Programmers write their program in one of the high level language because it is much easy to code in these language but computer does not understand any of these language so it is necessary to convert program into a machine language so translator do this
  • Loader: It loads the code which is translated by translator into the main memory and makes it ready to
  • Linker: is used to combine all the object files and convert them into a final executable program.
  • Interpreter : converts high level language program into machine language. It is very slow because it convert program line by
  • Compiler : It also translates the program from high level language to machine language. It is very fast because it converts the whole program into machine
  • Assembler : It is used for converting the code of low level language into machine level language.

Computer software Question and Answer

  • Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly?

(a)Booting               (b) Processing           (c) Saving         (d) Editing

Answer (a)
  • Application software?

(a) Is used to control the operating system                              (b) Is designed to help programmers

(c) Performs specific task for computer users                         (d) Is used for making design only

Answer (c)
  • Which among the following is not hardware?

(a) Motherboard       (b) Operating system         (c) CPU               (d) Keyboard

Answer (b)

  • Which part of a computer cannot be touched?

(a) Mouse                  (b) Monitor          (c) Hardware              (d) Software

Answer (d)

  • Which of the following is software?

(a) Motherboard           (b) CPU                     (c) Microsoft Windows                     (d) RAM

Answer (c)

  • What is Loading Operating System into main memory called?

(a) Printing                        (b) Saving                         (c) Storing                      (d) Booting

Answer: (D)


  • Which of the following is a recent version of operating systems?

(a) Windows XP             (b) Windows 7 Basic             (c) Windows 8                            (d) Windows 10

Answer (d)

  • Which of the following groups contains all graphical file extensions?

(a) JPG, GIF, BMP       (b) GIF, TCF, WMF            (c) TCP, JPG, BMP           (d) ADP, GIF, PPT

Answer (a)

  • Select the odd one out :

(a)  Interpreter      (b) operating system        (c) Compiler       (d) Assembler

Answer (b)
  • Which technology is used by cell phones to access the internet?

(a) Cloud computing         (b) Neural Networks      (c) XML language              (d) micro browser software

Answer (d)

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