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IBPS PO Notes for Important Computer Abbreviations

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IBPS PO Notes for Important Computer Abbreviations

Abbreviations are very important in English because everybody wants to learn and write faster abbreviations in this scenario are very helpful .

Benefits of abbreviations

  • Easy to write
  • Easy to pronunciates
  • Easy to remember
SL.No. Name   Full Form
 1 CPU  Central processing Unit
 2 UPS  Uninterrupted Power Supply
 3 RAM  Random Access Memory
 4 ROM  Read Only Memory
 5  PCB  Printed circuit Board
 6  CU  Control Unit
 7  ICs  Integrated Circuit
 8  PC  Personal Computer
 9  FLOPS  Floating point operations per second
10  SRAM  Static random access memory
11  DRAM  Dynamic random access memory
12  USB  Universal Serial Bus
13  RISC  Reduced Instruction Set Computer
14  CISC  Complex Instruction Set Computer
15  PROM  Programmable ROM
16  EPROM  Erasable Programmable ROM
17  EEPROM  Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM
18  EDVAC  Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
 19  UNIVAC  Universal Automatic Computer
20  ENIAC  Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
 21  IBM  International Business Machine
 22  WWW  World Wide Web
23  HTTP  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
 24  HTML  Hypertext Markup Language
 25  URL  Uniform Resource Locator
 26  LCD  Liquid Crystal Display
 27  CRT  Cathode Ray Tube
 28  LAN  Local Area Network
 29  MAN  Metropolitan Area Network
 30  WAN  Wide Area Network
 31  ISP  Internet Service Provider
 32  SMTP  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
 33  FTP  File Transfer Protocol
 34  MODEM  Modulator and De-modulator
 35  NIC  Network Interface Card
 36  ARP  Address Resolution Protocol
 37  ICMP  Internet Control Message Protocol
 38  TCP/IP  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
 39  UDP  User Data-gram Protocol
 40  ASCII  American Standard Code Information Interchange
 41  BASIC  Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
 42  BPS  Bits Per Second
 43  DHTML  Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
 44  JPEG  Joint Photographic Experts Group
 45  MBPS  Megabits Per Second
 46  CAD  Computer Aided Design
 47  IGRP  Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
 48  IGMP  Internet Group Management Protocol
 49  RIP  Routing Information Protocol
 50  NCP  Netware Session Protocol
 51  DHCP  Dynamic host Configuration Protocol
 52  SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol
 53  TBI  Tabbed Document Interface
 54  MPEG  Moving Picture Expert Group
 55  MAC Address  Media Access Control Address
 56  PPP  Point to Point Protocol
 57  TDM  Time Division Multiplexing
 58  FDM  Frequency Division Multiplexing
 59  ALU  Arithmetic logic unit
 60  DMA  Direct memory access

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