Letter Writing for IBPS PO 2017

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Letter Writing for IBPS PO 2017


Dear Aspirants!

The IBPS PO Exam is around the corner. This time the IBPS has also introduced the “Descriptive writing” in the Mains Examination. You must be prepared by now with your syllabus for the Mains  Examination. The Descriptive writing mainly includes Letter Writing, Essay Writing and Precis writing.

Here are some examples of Letter writing by students of Best coaching in Delhi/Ncr

Formal letters

Q-1  Write a Formal Letter to your Municipal Corporation of your area in about 250 words complaining about the state of roads in your area and the lack of street lights there.


                                                                                                                                           A-77,Defence Enclave,
XYZ,Municipal Corporation office,
Date:- 01st September 2017
Subject: Complaint regarding the poor condition of streets and lack of Street Light.
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your notice the pathetic condition of roads and lack of Street lights in Defence Enclave. The roads in my area have not been repaired from quite a long time and contains a lot of potholes which cause maximum number of road accidents in this area.Apart from this, these holes are a dumping ground for various mosquitoes in rainy reason which is the reason for the widespread of various diseases.
Additionally,there are no street lights in our area which also add up to the reason of increasing road accidents here. Lack of the street lights also increase the theft cases in our society day-by day.
I request you to consider the alarming situation and take necessary action to get the roads repaired and increase the number of street lights in my area.
Looking forward towards your instant  action.
Thank You.
Yours faithfully,
Shivi Garg
By Shivi Garg 

Letter II

 The Commisioner                                                                  

Municipal Corporation
Sector 80, Phase II                                                                                  Flat B-27

Noida (201302)                                                                                        Sector 53

                                                                                                          Noida (201301)
Date – 02/09/2017
Subject – Complain regarding the state of roads and lack of street light in our area.
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your kind notice the miserable condition of roads in my area and lack of street lights in sector 53, Noida. The roads are broken at many places as a result of this vehicles cannot move properly.
Because of the bad situation of roads, the traffic problem occurs daily. As the monsoon is on its peak state which puts roads in bad shape. These worse state of roads is also the one reason for road accidents. Such bad conditions od roads has been repeatedly brought to the notice of PWD, but all efforts are in vain.
Apart from this problem, one more issue is there which is also causing many problem i.e. lack of street lights in our society. As i have already discussed that there are many pits and ditches on the roads and the lack of street lights adds more problem in this. Some of the street lights are in working condition hence darkness remain everywhere in society. This led to crime as chain snatching and many others bad activity which is not in the favor of society. The ladies are not safe in evening. The holligans after committing crime takes advantages of darkness and run away.
I, therefore request you to take necessary steps in improving the condition of roads as well as the street lights for the welfare of society.
Thank You.
Yours Faithfully

Shivangi pandey

By Shivangi Pandey 

Informal Letter 

Hissar,Haryana(125001)Dear Mom,

I hope this letter finds you in your best health and spirit.I am writting this letter to share my happiness on the
achievements as this year in the college was very eventful.

I was chosen a class repesentative. Earlier i thought it would be difficult for me to manage this huge responsibility but then my teachers and my fellow classmates encouraged me.
Their believe and trust gave me the strength to grab this opportunity and I did the same. Till the time I was busy as a bee managing the whole class responsibility,all the events and many more things.
And then our college displayed a notice about the cultural activity which I was leading and we have to perform in front of President Of India.This was very cherishable moment as performing in front of the President would
make our college proud. I was very elated as well as nervous after reading the notice.Alot of emotions runnind around my mind.At that point of time self control was important and I succedded in doing so.I galloped to the Rehersal room
and started making teams.The team should be best in all terms I whisphered in my mind and calmly started thinking about whom should be given different roles.

After half an hour I manged to make the list and started calling them by their name explaning each one of them about their roles in the play. There was immense pressure that can be visible on each ones face as we have to do our best no matter how long it will take for us to rehearse.

Finally the day arrived we all were very nervous, sOmebody was needed to boost us up and our mentor took the initative to do this.We are being motivated by him and filled with positive energy.Now the time has come for us to perform. We performed like never before and won the competition.
We recieved the prize from President and he really apllauded our performance and we were very pleased by this.The Adminstrator of our collage honoured me with a trophy.My classmates and my teachers were so supportive as I missed many classes due to Practice sessions.So events and examination are wrapped
and I am coming as my summer holidays are on cards.

yours Lovely Daughter,

Vashali bhatia

By Vaishali Bhatia 

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