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Mensuration Practice Questions for Bank Po

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Mensuration Practice Questions for Bank Po

Mensuration Practice Questions for Bank Po, IBPS PO, SSC all government exam.

 Practice set

1. If the sides of a triangle are 15 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm. Find the length of the altitude drawn to side 25 cm from its opposite vertex

        a. 10 cm       b. 12 cm         c. 6 cm           d. 3 cm

2. The base of a prism is a rhombus of side 20 cm. If the lateral surface area of the prism is 560 sq. cm, find the height of the prism

       a. 7cm        b. 10 cm         c. 12 cm             d. 13 cm

3. If the radius of a sphere is decreased by 30%, the surface area of sphere

        a. decreased by 49%                        b. increased by 49%

        c. decreased by 51%                         d. increased by 51%

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 4. If the volume of one cylinder is 4 times the volume of other cylinder of same height. Then the ratio of their radius is

            a. 4 : 1             b. 2 : 1                     c. 2 : 3                   d. 3 : 1

5.The sides of a parallelogram are 10 cm and 12 cm . if the length of perpendicular to side 12 cm is 8, then the length of perpendicular to side 10 cm is

            a. 9 cm           b. 8 cm                   c. 9.6 cm                d. 7.2 cm

Mensuration Practice Questions for Bank Po

6. Three cubes of same volume 216 c.c. are placed side to side to form a parallelepiped . find the total surface area of parallelepiped

           a. 504 sq. cm                b. 216 sq. cm                   c. 648 sq. cm                   d. 436 sq. cm

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7. The lateral surface area of a square base pyramid is 480 sq. cm and its slant height is 10. Find the volume of the pyramid

          a. 720 cc                        b. 1440 cc                         c. 960                               d. 1152 cc

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8. The area of a rectangle is 6 times its perimeter and the sides of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:2. Find the area of a rectangle in sq unit

         a. 100                              b. 150                             c. 120                                   d. 140

9. The area of a circle is 154 sq. cm. Measurement of angle made by the arc of length 22 cm

         a. 360°               b. 180°                  c. 60°                         d. 90° 

10. Find the median of the trapezium of height 12 cm and area 180 sq. cm

        a. 30 cm           b. 20 cm               c. 24 cm               d. 15 cm

11. If the volume of a regular tetrahedron is 18*2^1/2 cubic cm, the side of the regular tetrahedron in cm is

         a.8                   b. 4                     c. 2                     d. 6

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12. Find the median of an equilateral triangle , if the area of cir-cum circle of this triangle is 27 pi sq.cm

       a.18                  b. 4            c. 9 × 31/2                d. 18 × 31/2 

13. If the water is flow in a tank at a speed of 30 kmph through a pipe of square base of side 2 meter. If the tank is full in 8 hours, find the volume of the tank

             a) 96000 cubic mete                                  b) 9600 cubic meter

             c) 48600 cubic meter                              d) 54000 cubic meter

14. Find the volume of largest cube cut out of a sphere of radius 5 × 31/2.

           a. 1000 c.c.           b. 125 c.c.            c. 100 c.c.             d. 500 c.c.

15. If the ratio of the areas of two equilateral triangle are 9:4, then the ratio of their heights will be

           a. 3 : 2                b. 2 : 3                   c. 9 :4                   d. 4 : 9

16. Find the slant height of the frustum of the frustum of cone if its both radius are 10 cm and 4 cm and volume is 416 pi cubic cm.

        a. 4.5 cm                b. 6 cm             c. 10 cm                  d. 8 cm

17. A wooden box has length 12 cm, breadth 10 cm and height 8 cm is open  at the top. Find the total surface area of the box.

          a. 352 sq. cm        b. 472 sq. cm         c. 592 sq. cm        d. 790 sq. cm

18. From a point P which is at a distance of 13 cm from center O of a circle of radius 5 cm, in the same plane, a pair of tangents PQ and PR are drawn to the circle. Area of quadrilateral PQ OR is

     a. 65 sq.cm     b. 60 sq. cm.         c. 30 sq. cm.           d. 90 sq. cm.

19. If triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF such that BC = 3 cm, EF = 4 cm and area of triangle ABC = 54 sq. cm., then the area of triangle DEF is :

    a. 66 sq.cm     b. 78 sq.cm        c. 96 sq.cm            d. 54 sq.cm

20. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and its breadth is decreased by 20%, then its area

               a. Increases by 4%                              b. Decreases by 4%

               c. Decreases by 1%                             d. Remains unchanged

21. The area of the in circle of an equilateral triangle of side 42 cm is (take π= 22/7)

              a. 231 sq.cm          b. 462 sq.cm              c. 22√3 sq.cm                               d. 924 sq.cm

22. The area of a triangle is 216 sq.cm and its sides are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5, the perimeter of the triangle is :

                    a.6 cm               b. 12 cm                  c. 36 c                d. 72 cm


23. Water flows into a tank which is 200m long and 150m wide, through a pipe of cross-section 0.3m × 0.2m at 20 km/hour. Then the time (in hours) for the water level in the tank to reach 8 m is

                    a. 50               b. 120                   c. 150                   d. 200

24. A tank 40 m long, 30 m broad and 12 m deep is dug in a field 1000 m long and 30 m wide. By how much will the level of the field rise if the earth dug out of the tank is evenly spread over the field ?

                   a. 2 meter             b. 1.2 meter             c. 0.5 meter                 d. 5 meter

25. Base of a right pyramid is a square whose area is 324 meter. If the volume of the pyramid is 1296 cu. meter, then the area (in sq. meter) of the slant surface is

                  a. 432                    b. 540               c. 1080                   d. 360

                                                             Answer key    

1. b             2. a               3. c                   4. b              5. c            6. a             7. d                8. b                 9. b                10.d              11. d                 12. c             13. b

14. a           15. a               16. c                 17. b            18. b              19. c        20. b                21. b                 22. d              23. d                   24. c            25. b

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