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Directions : Spotting the errors –

1. Refused to name the group behind/(a) the attack, which left seven pilgrims/(b) dead, he said , “ No one should/(c) jump to any conclusion.”/(d) NO ERROR /(e)  ( Refusing should replace refuse).

2. One of the biggest /(a) iceberg(Larcen C Ice Shelf) ever /(b) recorded has just broken/(c) away from Antarctica./(d) NO ERROR /(e) (icebergs)

3. The Juno probe logged it close encounter with/(a) Jupiter’s most distinctive feature on Monday evening/(b) Pacific time as it passed about 9000 km/(c) above the clouds of the mammoth cyclone./(d) NO ERROR /(e) (it’s will replace it )

4. A return to normality must now await for abatement of/(a) the rising waters, and the drafting of a/(b) comprehensive relief plan by the Assam government with help from/(c) the Centre and the specialised units of the disaster response forces./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (for should be removed)

5. Yet, short-term measures can have no last impact/(a) on the Brahmaputra’s course each/(b) year, as several factors influence its tendency/(c) to overrun its banks in the June-July season./(d) no error /(e)  (lasting)

6. Several wild animals have died in the floods,/(a) bringing back memories of the dreadful losses/(b) of 2012, when over/(c) 500 hog deer, 19 rhinos and 22 sambar perish./(d) NO ERROR /(e) (perished)

7. The meeting amongst U.S. President Donald Trump and his/(a) Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin was their/(b) first after the election hacking scandal/(c) and Mr. Trump’s inauguration./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (between)

8. Hamburg too was notable, with tens of thousand showing/(a) up, and several hundred police/(b) officers injured. These were yet/(c) another reminder that all is not well with the world./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (thousands)

9.This continuing turmoil puts/(a) at risk assurances of reforms to/(b) Brazil’s labour laws/(c) and generous pension system./(d) NO ERROR/(e) (no error)

10. The controversial raise of the retirement age was seen/(a) as a major push to overhaul what was/(b) one of the world’s most/(c) envied social security programmes./(d) no error /(e) (raising)


  1. (A) The sentence is in present tense so ‘Refusing’ should replace ‘Refused’.
  2. (b) One of the / neither of the / none of the/ are always followed by plural noun. So ‘icebergs’ should replace ‘iceberg’.
  3. (a) Possessive case of ‘it’ should be there in sentence.  ‘It’s’ replace ‘it’ in the sentence.
  4. (a) ‘For’ is used with wait and not await. Wait for = await    , for should be removed.
  5. (a) ‘Lasting’ will replace ‘last.’
  6. (d) The whole sentence is in past tense . ‘Perished’ will replace ‘Perish’.
  7. (a) Between will replace amongst.
  8. (a) Thousands will replace thousand.
  9. (e) No error
  10. (a) ‘Raising’ will replace ‘raise’.

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