Practice Questions on Speed Time and Distance For SSC and Bank Exams

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Now when you have read the notes for the quantitative aptitude(topic covered- speed, time and distance) for SSC, IBPS and other government competitive examinations. Here are the few Practice Questions on Speed Time and Distance for SSC and bank exams.

Practice Questions on Speed Time and Distance

1) A person covers 56000 meters in 70 seconds .find his speed?

(A)900 m/s                 (B)200 m/s                            (C)800 m/s                (D)1000 m/s

2) Walking at ¾ of his normal speed, Akash is 16 minutes late in reaching his office. The usual time taken by him to cover the distance between his home and his office is

(A) 48 minutes                (B) 60 minutes                 (C) 42 minutes             (D) 62 minutes

3) A train starts with the speed of 70 kmph with its speed increasing every two hours by 10 kmph. In how many hours will it cover 345 kms?

(A) 9/2 hours                     (B)9/4 hours                   (C)5/2 hours             (D)None of these

4) Manish and Abhishek travel the same distance at the rate of 6 kmph and 10 kmph respectively .If Manish takes 30 minutes longer than Abhishek, the distance travelled by each is

(A) 6 km               (B) 10 km                    (C) 7.5 km                          (D) 20 km

5) The speed of a Bus increases by 2 kms after every one hour. If the distance travelling in the first one hour was 35 kms. what was the total distance travelled in 12 hours?

(A) 445 km                  (B)752 km                   (C)522 km                   (D)552 km

6) A boy walking at the rate of 5 km/hr crosses a bridge in 15 minutes. The length of the bridge (in metres) is

(A) 900                                    (B)850                         (C)1250                                   (D)1150

7) A by crosses a road 250 metres wide in 75 seconds. His speed in(km/h) is

(A)13                           (B)12                                       (C)10                           (D)17

8) Vikash with his family traveled from Delhi to Meerut by car at a speed of 20 km/h and returned to Delhi at a speed of 30 km/h. The average speed for the whole journey is

(A)24 km/h                    (B)26 km/ h                           (C)30 km/h                              (D)33 km / h

9) A train 300 meter long is running at the speed of 50 m/s .It will cross a bridge of 200 meters in

(A)5 sec                      (B)10 sec                                (C)25 sec                    (D)30 sec

10) The distance between two cities P and Q is 330 Km. A train starts from P at 8 a.m. and travel towards Q at 60 km/hr. Another train starts from Q at 9 a.m and travels towards P at 75 Km/hr. At what time do they meet?

(A)10 am                     (B)11 am                                 (C)10 pm                                  (D) 11 pm

11) A train is moving at a speed of 72 kilometer per hour. If the length of the train is 120 meters, how long will it take to  closer railway platform 160 meters long-

(A)14 seconds (B)16 seconds            (C)18 seconds                (D)12  seconds

12)  A train length of 400 feet crosses platform 600 feet in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is-

(A)70 feet per second (B)85 feet per second  (C)100 feet per second        (D)120 feet per second

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13)  A train 100 metre long is running at the speed of 30 kilometre per hour. The time in which it will pass a man standing near the railway line is-

(A)6 sec          (B)8 sec          (C)12 sec (      c)4 sec

14) Sudeep covers address in 40 minutes if he drives at the speed of 60 kilometre per hour on an average find the speed at which he must drive at to reduce the time of the journey by 25%?

(A)60km/hr      (B)80km/hr                (C)70km/hr     (D)75km/hr

15) Railway passenger counts The Telegraph poles on the railroad as he passes them .The telegraph poles are at a distance of 50 metres. What will be his count in 4 hours if the speed of the train is 45 kilometre per hour.

(A)600                         (B)2500           (C)3600           (D)5000

16) A Journey of 192 kilometre takes 2 hours less by a fast train then by a slow train. If the average speed of the slow train be 16 kilometre per hour less than that of fast train, what is the average speed of the faster train?

(A)32 km/hr     (B)16 km/hr     (C)12 km/hr                (D)48 km/hr

17) If tarun had walked 1 kilometre per hour faster he would have taken 10 minutes less to walk 2 kilometre. what is  Tarun’s speed of walking.

(A) 1 kmph                  (B) 2 kmph

(C) 3 kmph                  (D) 6kmph

18) A ship can travel with a speed of 13 kilometre per hour in still water.Ift the speed of stream is 4 kilometre per hour in the same direction time taken by ship to go to 63 kilometre in opposite direction is

(A) 9 hours      (B) 4 hours      (C)7 hours       (D)60/17 hours

19) The speed of the boat in the still water is 6 kilometre per hour and the speed of the stream is 1.5 kilometre per hour a man rows to a place at a distance of 22.5 kilometres and comes back to starting point. the total time taken by him is

(A)10 hours                 (B)4 hours 10 minutes

(C)6 hours 10 minutes            (D)8 hours

20) A man goes downstream  with the to some destination returns upstream to his original place in 5 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water and the stream at 10 kilometre per hour and 4 kilometre per hour respectively .the distance of the destination from starting place is in (km)

(A)16               (B)18               (C)25               (D)21

21) Speed of boat is 5 kilometre per hour in still water and the speed of stream is 3 kilometre per hour. If the boat takes 3 hours to go  to a place and come back the distance of the place is

(A)3.75                        (B) 4.8             (C) 4                (D)4.25

22) A boat sails downstream from point A to point B which is 10 kilometer away from A, then returns to A. If the actual speed of the boat is 3 kilometer per hour the trip from A to B takes 8 hours less than that of from B to A. What must the actual speed of the boat for the trip from A to B to take exactly hundred minutes is in (kmph)

(A) 1                (B) 2                (C) 3                (D) 4

23) A Boat goes 40 kilometer upstream in 8 hours and a distance of 49 kilometer downstream in 7 hours .The speed of the boat in still water is

(A) 5                (B) 6                (C) 5.5             (D) 6.5

24) Shamitabh covers the distance of 96 kilometer 2 hours faster than he had planned to. This is achieved by traveling 1 kilometer more every hour than he intended to cover 1 hour 15 minutes. What was the speed at which Shamitabh travel during the journey is in (km/h?)

(A) 16                          (B) 26              (C) 36              (D) 30

25) Two motorist met at 10 a.m. at Dadar railway station. After their meeting one of them proceeded in the east direction while the other proceeded in the north direction. Exactly at noon they were 60 kilometer apart. Find the speed of the slower motor is the difference of their speeds is 6 kilometer per hour

(A) 28              (B) 18              (C) 19              (D) 9

26) How long will a boy take to run round a square field of side 35 meters, if he runs at the rate of 9 km/hr?

(A) 53 sec                   (B) 52 sec                   (C) 56 sec       (D) 58 sec

27) The length of the second hand of a clock is 8 m. find the distance travelled by its outer end in 15 seconds.

(A) 4Π m                     (B) 8Π m         (C) 12Πm        (D) 16Πm

28) In a race of 600 meters, Karmakar beats Deepak by 60 meters and in a race of 500 meters Deepak beats Rajeev by 25 meters. By how many meters will Karmakar beats Rajeev in a 400 meters race?

(A) 49 m                      (B) 58m                       (C) 45m                       (D) 56m

29) P beats Q by 10 m in 100 m race .find the ratio of their speed?

(A) 8/9                         (B) 10/9                       (C) 13/9                       (D) 9/7

30) A finish 12m ahead of B and 18m ahead of C while B finishes 8m ahead of C .Find the length of race?

(A) 36m                       (B) 48m                       (C) 60m                       (D) 72m

31) In a 1 kilometer race P, Q and R are the 3 participants P can give Q a start of 50 meter and R a start of 69 meters. The star which Q allows R is

(A) 20m           (B) 19m           (C) 22m                       (D) 16m

32) In a race of 300 meter, B can give a start of 20 meters to A and C can give a start of 50 meter to bathe start that C can give to A in a race of 900m race, is

(A) 100m         (B) 230m         (C) 200m         (D) 150m

33) In a race of hundred meters Camelish defeats Beamless by 5 seconds. If the speed of Camelish is 18 kilometer per hour then the speed of Beamless is

(A) 15.2kmph              (B) 17.5kmph              (C) 13.6kmph              (D) 14.4kmph

34) In a race of 1 kilometer P gives Q a start of hundred meters and still wins by 20 seconds but if P gives Q a Startup 25 seconds Q wins by 50 meters the time taken by P to run 1 kilometer is

(A) 500/31 s                (B) 500/13 s                (C) 500/29 s                (D) 700/23 s

35) A boy walks a certain distance and ride back in 4 hour and 30 min. He could ride both ways in 3 hours. The time required by him to walk both ways?

(A) 4 hr 30 min            (B) 4 hr 45 min                        (C) 5 hr            (D) 6hr

36) Aishwarya goes to school at the rate of 2.5 kilometer per hour and reaches 6 minute late. If she travels at the speed of 3 kilometer per hour she is 10 minutes early. What is distance to the school?

(A) 3.5km                    (B) 4km                       (C) 2km                       (D) 3km

38) Find the average velocity?

figure: speed-time graph

(A) 300                        (B) 200            (C) 400                        (D) 500

39) Find the average velocity?

figure: speed-time graph

(A) 343                        (B) 81/2                       (C) 729                        (D) 729/2

40) Find the average velocity?

figure: speed-time graph

(A) 3187.5                   (B)2188.5                    (C)2187.5                    (D)3187

41) A train runs from Howrah to Delhi at an average speed of 20 kilometer per hour and returns at an average speed of 30 kilometre per hour the average speed of train in the whole journey is ?

(A)20               (B) 24              (C)28               (D)29

42) Two swimmers started simultaneously from the beach ,one to be north and other to be west .Two hours latter ,the distance between them turned out to be 100 km. Find the speed of faster swimmer, knowing that the speed of one them was 75% of the speed of other?

(A)40 kmph                 (B)32 kmph     (C)46 kmph                 (D)38 kmph

43) Two station A and B are 300 km apart .Two trains leave A and B such that the second leaves 8 hours after the first .The train arrive at B simultaneously. Find the time the slower train spent on the trip. If the speed of one of them is 10 kmph higher than that of the other.

(A)12 hr           (B)46 hr                       (C)18 hr           (D)20 hr

44) A train leaves from Mumbai to Delhi at 2:15 p.m. and travels at the rate of 50 kilometre per hour another train leaves from Delhi to Mumbai at 1:35 p.m. and travels at the rate of 60 kilometer per hour. The distance between Delhi and Mumbai is 590 kilometer at what distance from Mumbai will the trains meet?

(A) 240 km      (B) 250 km      (C) 320 km      (D) 340 km

45) A thief after committing a burglary is started fleeing at 12 noon at the speed of 60 kilometer per hour. He was then chased by a policeman. Policeman started just 15 minutes after the thief had started at a speed of 65 kilometer per hour. At what time did policeman catch the thief?

(A) 3:30 pm                    (B) 3:20 pm                           (C) 3:15 pm                   (D) 3:10 pm

46) Two trains A and B start their journey from Mumbai to Pune and Pune to Mumbai simultaneously after crossing each other they finish the remaining journey in 225 hour and 64 hour respectively find the ratio of their speed?

(A) 25/8           (B) 15/8           (C) 8/15                       (D) 4/15

47) Ram , Sham and Mohan walk  around a circular circumference of 1200 metre at the speed of 150 ,90 and 60 meter per minutes respectively .If all three start simultaneously from the same point and walk in the same direction. when will they be together again for the first time? when will they be together again at the starting point for the first time ?

(A)6,4              (B)4,6              (C)5.9              (D)4,4

48) The respective ratio between truck, bus and train is 1:2:3. The average speed of truck, bus and train is 72 kilometer together .What is the average speed of truck and train together?

(A) 24              (B) 26              (C) 48              (D) 96

49) A person left his house in the morning for the office and return to his house in the evening. In the morning he travels at a speed of 30 kilometer per hour but during the returns in the evening his speed is only 20 kilometer per hour. Find the average speed for the whole journey?

(A) 50              (B) 30              (C) 6                (D) 12

50) A man covers one third of a journey at 20 kilometer per hour and remaining to two third at 40 kilometer per hour is the total journey is 300 kilometer. What is his average speed for the whole journey?

(A) 20              (B) 30              (C) 45              (D) 50

Speed Time and Distance Notes



1 c 6 c 11 a 16 d 21 b 26 c 31 b 36 d 41 b 46 c
2 a 7 b 12 c 17 c 22 d 27 b 32 a 37 b 42 a 47 d
3 c 8 a 13 c 18 c 23 b 28 b 33 c 38 b 43 d 48 a
4 c 9 b 14 b 19 a 24 a 29 b 34 d 39 d 44 b 49 c
5 c 10 b 15 c 20 b 25 b 30 b 35 c 40 c 45 c 50 a


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