How to prepare notes

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The preparation of notes is must if you are going to prepare yourself for bank exam or any other comnpeytitive exam its important just because you will be able to learn too much if you will write itself and if you will prepare notes by yourself then one much important is that the notes will be in simple language and you own language then they will be easy understandable.

Some of the points are given below which helps you to prepare your notes easily-

 1. Own Language- Always try to write youre notes in your own language never try to copy all the words from your book or anywhere else. if you will use your own words then it will help you to learn easily. and one more advantage will be that you will write those words mostly which are in your mind and that will help you to revise it and revision of the notes will be easy.

2. Use flow charts and Diagram-The flow chart and diagram also much important when you are making your notes by yourself it will be easy under stoodable and always help you remember many more things in very few time diagram is much important when you are making notes with the help of diagram you can easily learn much things. so always try to use diagrams and flow charts in your notes.

3.Mark Important headings- If you are preparing notes for the bank exams then there will be many of the words which will be imporatant during the exam always mark them then you could be able to learn them easily and you can search them also in your notes in very short time you can serach them. and for this you can use different coloures pens and pencils you can mark them and you also can use highlighter.

4. Always make small notes- Always try to make small notes and write only things which are must and never try to make heavy notes. if your notes will be small and will be in simple language you will be able to remember much more thing in the comparision of hevy notes. and always manage the time when you are preparing notes always write in short it will help you to manage your time and your precious time will not waste.

5.Compare notes with others- Always compare your notes with others it will help you manage your notes well and you can easily find out your faults and you can correct it. and it will also help you to see what is not in your notes then you can add those topics also. compare the note and sharing of notes these two are very effective techniques to prepare good notes and to find out the faults in your notes.

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