How to prepare for quantitative aptitude for bank PO exams

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Tips for Quantitative Aptitude for bank PO exams
Start preparing for the exam as early as you can but here we will discuss on how to prepare for quantitative aptitude for bank PO exams . You should put in at least 2 to 3 hours every day for the preparation of this section.In case if you miss out for some reason on a given day, make up for it on the other day or at the end of the week for sure because in QA continuity in practice is a very important thing.

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Make your calculation very fast and this can be done by learn tables up to 30 and better if you learn up to 50.
Similarly you have to learn squares up to 50 and cubes up to 20
Additionally, learn the tricks to find out squares quickly It really will make your calculation speed faster and increase your question solving ability. Most of the candidates fails due to lack of time and major part of their time is wasted on calculations in quantitative and reasoning section
Do not preoccupy your mind about the cut-off as it varies from year to year. If it has come down this year, there is no reason to believe that it will not increase in the next year. So it is in your interest to maximize your attempts and to give your best shot during the exam.


Exam pattern for IBPS PO
There are two papers in IBPS PO
IBPS prelim exam


Test No. of questions Marks Time duration
Quantitative aptitude 35 35
Reasoning 35 35
English 30 30
 Total 100 100 1 hour

2. IBPS main exams
Test                                                          No. of questions            Marks                      Time duration
Quantitative aptitude                                   50                               50
English                                                            40                               40
Reasoning                                                       50                               50
General awareness                                        40                               40
Computer knowledge                                    20                              40
Total                                                               200                             200                           140 minutes

Full syllabus of IBPS PO quantitative aptitude for bank PO contains.
Number system, HCF and LCM, Simplification, ratio, mixtures and alligations, average, percentage, profit and loss, discounts, simple and compound interest, time and work, pipe and cistern, time and distance, boat and stream, mensuration, geometry, inequalities, approximate value, algebra (specially quadratic equations), permutation and combination, probability, data sufficiency and data interpretation

Topics                                                                                Average marks

Number system                                                                        3

Average                                                                                      1

Percentage                                                                                 1

Ratio                                                                                           1

Mixtures and alligations                                                        1

Profit and loss                                                                          2

Simple interest and Compound interest                            1

Time and work                                                                          2

Time and distance                                                                  2

Mensuration                                                                             1

Simplification                                                                           5

Permutation combination and probability                         5

Sequence and series                                                                 5

Quadratic equations                                                                5

Data interpretation                                                                 15

The topics in red are very important because they cover an average of 70% marks of your quantitative aptitude portion.
So if you have less time then prepare these five topics and you will get about 35 marks

And finally don’t forget to practise previous year questions and practise online test also

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