Sample Question on Verb

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Error Detection

  1. Rohit Khandelwal became(a)/ the first Indian (b)/who win the crown of Mr. World 2016(c)/No error (d)
  2. The Tea Board of India has announce(a)/ an accident insurance scheme(b)/ for workers in small tea gardens(c)/No error(d)
  3. Indian foreign exchange(a)/ reserves was(b)/ at $360 billion in March 2016(c)/No error(d)
  4. Aurobindo Pharma, Sun Pharma and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals(a)/ receiving(b)/US FDA approval(c)/No error(d)
  5. L&T Infotech would (a)/enter in stock market(b)/ on 22nd July, 2016(c)/No error(d)
  6. Sunil Joshi will taking(a)/ the designation of Assam coach(b)/ in Ranji trophy for the next two season(c)/No error(d)
  7. Padma Shri Mohammad Shahid(a)/ passing away(b)/ at the age of 56(c)/No error(d)
  8. SpaceX dragon cargo(a) reached to the(b) International Space Station on 20th July, 2016(c)/No error.
  9. Name the bill that(a)/ was passing (b)/by the Lok Sabha on 20th July, 2016(c)/No error(d)
  10. Donald Trump belongs(a)/ to which U.S(b)/ political Party(c)/No error(d).
  11. DMRC is come up(a)/ with a housing plan(b)/ in Janakpuri West(c)/No error(d)
  12. The Government has reached(a)/out GST bill(b)/ to congress party in the upper house(c)/No error
  13. The United Nations is planning (a)/ to provide stamps from 2017(b)/ in commemoration of the International Yoga Day(c)/ No error (d)
  14. Theresa May will took over(a)/ the as the next woman Prime Minister(b)/ of Britain on 13th July, 2016(c)/ No error (d)
  15. Australian Universities are(a)/ expected to apply(b)/ strict norms for educational institutes(c)/ No error(d).
  16. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. is announced(a)/ a new anticancer(b)/ process in Europe(c)/ No error(d)
  17. Petronet LNG intention (a)/ to spend $3 billion in the(b)/ next five years to expand overseas investment (c)/ No error(d)
  18. Solar Impulse 2 is began(a)/ second last leg of its global journey from(b)/ Spain to Egypt to boost the advantages of solar energy(c)/ No error (d)
  19. Scientists stated that(a)/ because of climatic changes thousands of(b)/ Australian mangroves have dead(c)/No error(d)
  20. India, U.S and Japan join(a)/ the International court in order to strengthen(b)/ the decision declared by the International court(c)/ No error(d)
  21. IDFC Bank decided to take over(a)/ microfinance institution Grama Vidiyal(b)/ in order to increase its customer services and profits (c)/ No error.
  22. vegetable prices been raised(a)/ consumer price index to(b)/ 14.7% in June, 2016(c)/ No error(d)
  23. BSE has released (a)/ an online bidding platform(b)/ for unrestrained gold bonds and begun mock biddings on the system(c)/ No error.
  24. Walk(a)/ is a(b)/ good exercise(c)/ No error(d)
  25. She was(a)/ used to cooked(b)/ on occasions when she was in Scotland(c)/ No error (d).
  26. Sport car Ford Mustang(a)/ was launching(b)/ first time in India with a price at Rs. 65 lakh(c)/ No error(d).
  27. Oriental Bank Club will going to begin its campaign(a)/ against Government of NCT Delhi(b)/ in the DSA Annual Institutional Football League on 14th July, 2016(c)/ No error(d)
  28. American singer Taylor Swift(a)/ has declaring(b)/ as the highest paid celebrity of 2016(c)/ No error(d).
  29. She is(a)/ prone to made(b)/ same dish again and again(c)/No error(d).
  30. Hear the(a)/ noise, we(b)/ came into the room(c)/ No error(d).
  31. Deceiving by her(a)/ friend,(b)/ she was left in the lurch(c)/ No error(d).
  32. Having did (a)/with it, they(b)/ got down to another task(c)/ No error
  33. The teacher as well as(a)/ his students were(b)/ honoured by the institute(c)/ No error(d)
  34. More men than one (a)/have been arrested(b)/ by income tax department(c)/ No error (d).
  35. Neither the players(a)/ nor their coach(b)/ were present in the dressing room(c)/ No error(d).
  36. World No. 1 Novak Djokovic take (a)/his winning stretch against(b)/ Rafael Nadal to seven with a victory  in Rome Masters  quarter finals on 13th May 2016 (c)/ No error (d)
  37. Apple has been (a)/ invested $1 billion (b)/ in Didi Chuxing, China’s biggest ride-hailing service(c)/no error (d)
  38. It is a (a)/ five day tour to (b)/ deepen security and defence cooperation the region (c)/ No error. (d)
  39. Kashmiri Pandit organise (a)/ a Mahakumbh in(b)/ Kashmir after 75 years on 14th June, 2016(c)/ No error (d)
  40. Pakistan (a)/ are planning (b)/ to buy used F-16 fighter jets from Jordan (C)/ No error (d).
  41. India might impose (a)/ anti-dumping duty on the imports (b)/ of chemical products from five countries (c)/ No error (d).
  42. The Cavaliers players Kyrie Irving and LeBron James (a)/ become the first teammates (b)/ who cracked 40 points in the same final match (c)/ No error (d)
  43. Osteria Francescana in (a)/ Modena in Italy were titled (b)/ as the world’s best restaurant of 2016 (c)/ No error (d)
  44. Prime Minister Narendra Modi have (a)/ met with the chief ministers (b)/ of all the states in a Inter-state Council on 16th July, 2016 (c)/ No error (d)
  45. Darjeeling tea cultivators has been asked (a)/ the government to stop selling imported (b)/ tea under the Nepal-India Free Trade Agreement (c)/ No error (d)
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