Statement and argument questions asked in previous years(IBPS PO/SBI PO/BOB)

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1. It is not often that professional footballers retire from internationals at the peak of their game. When the 29-year-old Lionel Messi, widely reckoned to be the most skilled footballer today, announced after the 2016 Copa America Final against Chile that he would not wear the Argentinian shirt again, he took everyone by surprise. It is not clear if he has made the retirement call in the heat of the moment. It came after Messi failed, yet again, to win a major title with the Argentinian team; he also missed a crucial penalty in the shootout against Chile after efficient but goal-less play in regulation and extra time. In fact, Messi’s overall international record with Argentina has been good, if not spectacular. With him, the team has reached the finals of four important tournaments: the World Cup in 2014 and the Copa America in 2007, 2015 and 2016.

According to the given question, you have to decide which of the statement is/are strong on the basis of the given passage:-

After defeating in Copa America Final, Should Messi continues his international career for two years more? (IBPS PO MAINS 2016)

I. Yes, because it is the only way he can prove himself to the world as a challenging person.

II. No, It is his personal decision to play no more for Argentina and as a player he gave a lot of contribution to his nation. So we should respect his decision.

III. No, because Messi’s record as a player of Barcelona is quite better than as a player of Argentina. So he should focus on one side rather than playing for both of them.

(a)Only II & III are strong

(b) Only I & III are strong

(c) Only II is strong

(d) Only III is strong

(e) None is strong

2. The mushrooming of business schools in the country is a cause for shortage of faculty with Ph.D qualification. In addition, the higher pay and generous fringe benefits given by industry has encouraged qualified people to not seek academic positions. Which of the following statements, if true, would tend to STRENGTHEN the argument?  (SBI PO MAINS 2017)

(a) The average salary for industry positions in Gujarat is more than the average salary for faculty positions in some business schools in Ahmedabad by around 30%

(b) The average salary for industry positions in Gujarat is less than the average salary for faculty positions in a top business school in Ahmedabad by around 30%

(c) The average salary for recent Ph.D graduates in the industry is 20% higher than that in academics

(d) The rate of growth of salaries for the industry positions is equal to the rate of growth of salaries for academic positions for the past three years

(e) None of the above

3. The rate of violent crime in this state is increased up to 30% from last year. The fault lies entirely in our system of justice. Recently our judge’s sentences have been so lenient that criminals can now do almost anything without fear of a long prison term. (SBI PO MAINS 2017)

The argument above would be weakened if it were true that

(a) 85% of the other States in the nation have lower crime rates than does this state

(b) White-collar crime in this state has also increased by over 25% in the last year

(c) 35% of the police in this state have been laid off in the last year due to budget cuts

(d) Polls show that 65% of the population in this state opposes capital punishment

(e) None of the above

4. Landmark preservation laws unfairly impinge on the freedom of owners to develop their own property as they see fit. In some cases, owners of hotels and office buildings designated as landmarks have been forbidden to make changes in the original facades or interiors, even though they reasonably believe that the changes would enhance the structures and make them more valuable. Which of the following statements, if true, seriously weakens the author’s argument? (BOB PO 2016)

(a) Altering the appearance of a historic structure sometimes does not enhance its beauty or value.

(b) In traditional legal doctrine, ownership of a property implies the right to alter it at will.

(c) Only buildings over 75 years old are normally affected by landmark preservation laws.

(d) Landmark designations must be approved by a local regulatory body before taking effect.

(e) Historic buildings represent a cultural heritage which the community has a legitimate stake in preserving.

5. The percentage of family income spent on entertainment has remained almost the same over the past twenty years – about twelve per cent. When new forms of entertainment become popular, they do not expand this percentage; instead, they take consumer spending away from other forms of entertainment. Therefore, film producers have observed the video boom with concern, knowing that every dollar spent on rental of videos means a dollar less spent on movie theatre admissions. Which of the following, if true, most forcefully undermines the argument of the passage above? (BOB PO 2016)

(a) The cost of renting a video is generally substantially less than the price of a movie theatre admission.

(b) Most film producers receive a portion of the income from the sale of video rights to their movies.

(c) Fears of some film producers that videos would completely supersede movies have not come to pass.

(d) Since the start of the video boom, money spent on forms of entertainment other than videos and movies has dropped.

(e) Some movies that were unprofitable when shown in theatres have become successful when released in video form.



Only II is strong argument because it clearly explains the freedom which is given to a person to take decisions about his life. So it gives a valid reason.

Argument I is a weak statement because of the ‘only’ word used in the statement. Messi can prove himself by all other ways also.

Argument III is also a weak Statement because there is a comparison between the position of Messi as a player of Argentina and the position of Messi as a player of Barcelona club.

2. Ans.(a)

Statement (a) is the correct option because it clearly strengthen the argument that persons with sufficient qualification prefer to go to industrial field rather than to go in academics as a faculty in business schools.

3. Ans.(c)

Statement (c) is the correct option because according to this, the increase in crime rate has been contributed by other factors, not leniency in the it weakens the given passage.

4.  (e);

The conclusion of the argument is that landmark preservation laws deprive landlords of their right to use their own property. (e) comes to grips with this assumption by nothing that a landmark building may not be purely private property and some part of building may belong to the community at large. (a) does not valid as it represents only a partial attack on argument.(b) strengthens the claims that landmark preservation laws represent an unwanted interference with the rights of the landlord.

5. (d);

The author argues for the following connection: videos take money away from movies. What choices (d) asserts, in effect, is that the money spent on videos came from some other,(d) statement undermines the given passage

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