Statement and assumption questions asked in previous years(IBPS PO/SBI PO)

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1. Statement:- By asking five prominent hospitals in the national capital to deposit nearly Rs. 600 crore to compensate for their failure to treat poor patients, the Delhi government has drawn attention to the social obligation of healthcare providers in the corporate sector as well as the need for timely enforcement of applicable regulations. According to the Delhi government, trusts and registered societies to which public land was allotted to establish hospitals were required to earmark a percentage of their medical facilities and services for indigent patients. (IBPS PO MAINS 2016)


I. This strengthens the case for private hospitals to dedicate a part of their services to those who cannot afford treatment.

II.Social responsibility of hospitals must be monitored and central government should ensure compliance by the corporate hospitals.

III. There is a great need for the government to monitor and enforce “health services” so that the poor who cannot afford modern health facilities that are extremely costly- are able to be benefited.

(a) All are implicit

(b) Only III is implicit

(c) Only I and III are implicit

(d) Only I and II are implicit

(e) None is implicit

2. The ancient Nubians inhabited an area in which typhus occurs, yet surprisingly few of their skeletons show the usual evidence of this disease. The skeletons do show deposits of tetracycline, an antibiotic produced by a bacterium common in Nubian soil. This bacterium can flourish on the dried grain used for makin g two staples of Nubian diet, beer and bread. Thus, tetracycline in their food probably explains the low incidence of typhus among ancient Nubians.  (IBPS PO MAINS 2016)

Which of the following is an assumption that can be drawn from the passage?

I. Infectious diseases other than typhus to which the ancient Nubians were exposed are unaffected by tetracycline.

II. Tetracycline is not rendered ineffective as an antibiotic by exposure to the process involved in making bread and beer.

III. Typhus cannot be transmitted by ingesting bread or beer contaminated with the infectious agents of this disease.

IV. Bread and beer were the only items in the diet of the ancients Nubians which could have contained tetracycline.

V. Typhus is generally fatal.

(a) Only II follows

(b) Only III & V follow

(c) Only III follows

(d) Only II,III,IV and V follow

(e) None of these

3. The Government has appealed to all citizens to use potable water judiciously as there is an acute shortage in supply. Excessive use may lead to huge scarcity in future months. Which of the assumptions is implicit in the above statement? An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted) (SBI PO MAINS 2017)

(a)People may ignore the appeal and continue using water as per their consideration

(b)Government may be able to tap those who do not respond to the appeal

(c)Government may be able to put in place alternate sources of water in the event of a crisis situation

(d)Large number of people may positively respond to the Government’s appeal and help tide over the crisis

(e)Only poor are going to suffer from this shortage of water supply

4. Statement: Science is a sort of news agency comparable in principle to other news agencies. But this news agency gives us information which is reliable to an extraordinary high degree due to elaborate techniques of verification and its capacity to survive centuries. So, science should be read with as much interest as we read news.  (SBI PO MAINS 2017)


I. Science encourages investigative spirit.

II.People read news out of interest.

(a) If only assumption I is implicit

(b) If only assumption II is implicit

(c) If either I or II is implicit

(d) If neither I nor II is implicit

(e) Both I and II are implicit

5. Twenty percent of all energy consumed in the country is consumed by home appliances. If appliances that are twice as energy-efficient as those currently available are manufactured, this figure will eventually be reduced to about ten percent.(IBPS PO MAINS 2016)

The argument above requires which of the following assumptions?

(a) Home-appliance usage would not increase along with the energy efficiency of the appliances.

(b) It would not be expensive to manufacture home appliances that are energy-efficient.

(c) Home-appliance manufacturers now have the technology to produce appliances that are twice as energy-efficient as those currently available.

(d) The cost of energy to the consumer would rise with increases in the energy efficiency of home appliances.

(e) None of these


1. (c);Such strict actions of Delhi government made private hospitals to serve their services to poor people. So I is implicit. But nothing is mentioned about central government in the statement II also it is a course of action, So, II is not implicit. According to statement Delhi Govt. wanted to provide medical facilities for indigent patients. So we can assume that there is need for the govt. to monitor and enforce health services to the needy person.

2. (a);Statement II is a valid assumption as tetracycline is produced by a bacterium which is found in Nubian soil and the bacterium can develop on the grain which is used in making bread & tetracycline is formed through the process of making of bread & beer. Statement I is not valid because nothing is said in the passage about the disease other than typhus. Statement III is also not valid because Typhus is a disease and the statement talks about the contamination of a disease by another disease which is wrong in the context of this passage. Statement IV & V is invalid as No information is given in the passage that bread & beer were their only items in the diet and also about Typhus is fatal.

3. Ans.(d) Sol. Option (d) is an assumption. Any appeal has some effects and people generally respond positively to any appeal.

4. Ans.(d) Sol. Both I and II can’t be assumed from the given statement as statement I is vague and II statement is also not implicit because it is not clear from the given statement that whether people are interested in such news or not.

5. Sol: 1. (a) This argument is based on the assumption that if the appliances become more efficient, then more homes would not be tempted to increase their utility/consumption in the household.

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