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Syllogism with Possibility Question for Reasoning

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Syllogism with Possibility Question for Reasoning

Syllogism with Possibility Question for Reasoning 

In this type of questions, conclusions will be in possibility. we have to check these conclusions (true or Not)as we check conclusions of “No Case”.

The possibility conclusions contains below keywords-

Can be, can never be, may be, is being etc.


  1. If Statement is 100% true then conclusion can’t be 100% false.
  2. Some Case:

Statement: Some A are B

Conclusions: Some A are B is a possibility

Some B are A is a possibility

Some A are not B is a possibility

Some B are not A is a possibility

All A are B is a possibility

All B are A is a possibility

     3) All Case:

Statement: All A are B

Conclusions: All B are A is a possibility

Some B are not A is a possibility

     4)  Not Case:

Statement: No conclusion with possibility follow

Previous year Question and Examples

Syllogism with Possibility Question for Reasoning

Q1. Statements: All gliders are parachutes

No Parachutes is an airplane

All airplane are helicopters

Conclusions: No helicopter is a glider

All parachutes being helicopter is a possibility

No glider is an airplane

All gliders being helicopter is a possibility (Bank PO)

Q2. Statements: Some mails are chats

All updates are chats

Conclusions: All mails being updates is a possibility

No update is a mail                                                                                   (Bank PO)

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Q3. Statements: No Stone is metal

Some metals are papers

All papers are glass

Conclusions: No glass is metal

At least some glasses are metals

All stone being glass is a possibility

No stone is paper                                                                                      (Bank PO)

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Q4. Statements: Some exams are tests

No exam is a question

Conclusions: No question is a test

Some tests are definitely not exams (Bank PO)

Q5. Statements: All forces are energies

All energies are power

No power is heat

Conclusions: Some forces are definitely not power

No heat is force

No energy is heat

Some force being heat is a possibility                                                    (Bank PO)

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Q6. Statements: No note is coin

Some coins are metals

All plastics are notes

Conclusions: No coin is plastic

All plastic being metal is a possibility

No metal is plastic

All notes are plastics (Bank PO)

Q7. Statements: All building are houses

No house is an apartment

All apartments are flats

Conclusions: No flat is a house

No building is an apartment

All building being flat is a possibility

All apartments being buildings is a possibility (Allahabad Bank PO)

Q8. Statements: All TV are LCD

Some LCD are LED

Conclusions: Some LED are TV

All TV being LED is a possibility (Bank PO)

Q9. Statements: Some parrots are peacocks

No peacocks are sparrows

Conclusions: All sparrow being a parrot is a possibility

At least some sparrow are peacocks

Q10. Statements: Some planes are ships

No ship is a radar

All cars are radars

Conclusions: No car is a ship

All radars being planes is a possibility                     (NIACL AO Exam 2015 )

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