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  • Descriptive English

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    LETTER-SBI PO DESCRIPTIVE EXAM A letter to the manager of the bank for the overdraft Facility which you stopped long ago with the bank. REF: ABC/SBI /100 Date… The Manager State Bank of India Full Branch Address Dear Sir Subject: Request for Revival of

  • Adjective for Competitive Exams

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    Adjective Adjectives is a words used to qualify  noun or pronoun. Adjective comes before noun or  after a verb. Examples He is a fast bowler. Sita is a good girl. She is a kind lady. Your knowledge seems good. Radhika is a beautiful girl. We are praising

  • Noun For Competitive Exams

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    When it comes to English comprehension in competitive exams, noun plays a vital role. Particularly noun add a very important portion for the preparation of exams such as IBPS, SSC and other government competitive examinations. Hence for the better