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Error Detection Strategies 1

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Error Detection Strategies for Bank Exams

Here are some indispensable Error Detection Strategies for Bank Exams and other competitive exams.

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Hello friends, as we all know that key banking exams like IBPS PO, RBI Grade-B officer , clerical are round the corner. Candidates are gearing up in order perform their best in exams. Naturally , the conventional methods will not help cracking the exams. So, here are some strategies which will give an edge over other students.

Error Detection

1.  Firstly, do not give a pause at slashes provided in the sentence.

Giving a specific pause at the Slashes hinders our continuity of understanding .Thus making error detection difficult.

Also , most of time we can detect the error by just simply reading the sentence in continuity. Comprehension skills are must to crack English in competitive exams.

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2.  Do not waste time in finding the reason of error, Just find the portion with error.

It is error detection not error correction. So if you know the portion with error, then do not waste time to find the reason of error. Most of the time students waste time in finding reason which is a huge mistake made by them. Its a  competitive exam and time is indispensable factor.

So, lets practice some questions which are important from exam point of view:

Q- Read the following sentence given below and find the portion with error. If there is any error mark the portion as A, B, C otherwise mark no error i.e option D. ( Ignore the error with spelling or punctuation

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1.  a) He was so intrigued / b) that he rose many / c) queries in the seminar ./ d) No error.

2.  a) Keep your cool/(b) and never loose your temper/(c) even in adverse circumstances./ (d) no error.

3.  a) During the cloudburst/ b) many rivers  overflew their banks/c) and caused great difficulty/d)no error

4.  a) The most wanted terrorist/b)  was convicted/c)  and order to be hung./d)no error.

5.  a) The institution was/ b) found in 1920/ c) when India was not self dependent in many features./ d) NO error.



Answers with explanation-

1.  Here part b) has error . ‘Rose’ is the 2nd form of ‘rise’. Here ‘raised’ should come in place of ‘rose’. Rise and Raise both refers to elevation but rise is an intransitive verb. It does not involve an Object directly whereas Raise involves object, it is a transitive verb.

  V1                                                                                   V2                                                                                 V3

Rise                                                                                Rose                                                                             Risen

Raise                                                                            Raised                                                                           Raised 

2. Here again part b) is with error. “Loose” is an adjective which refers to ‘not tight’ . Here ‘loose’ should be replaced by ‘lose’ . Lose is a verb.

3.  Part b) is the error part . Overflew should be replaced by overflowed. The sense of sentence is related to flow rather than fly.

4. part d) has error Both ‘Hanged’ and ‘Hung’ are correct but their usage are different. According to sentence “hanged ” suits better here.

5. part b)  has error. ‘Found’ should be replaced by ‘founded’.

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