IBPS SO Pre Exam 30 Dec 2017 analysis

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IBPS Exam 2017 Pre exam consist of  3 sections  English, Reasoning , Quantitative Aptitude the pattern of  exam as follows:


Prelims Exam:

No. Paper name No. of Questions Maximum Marks Total Time
1 English Language 50 25 2 Hours
2 Reasoning 50 50
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50


There are two hours allotted for exam and candidate can switch any of the three section anytime during exam  that he/she can switch from english to reasoning or Quantitative aptitude anytime and then again switch back to english


Also the exam is in dual language you can either choose english or choose HIndi for exam

Now let us review the exam

IBPS SO Pre Exam 30 Dec 2017 analysis

English Language: English language consist of error detection , Comprehension and perfect fit words there are 50 question on the basis of these two topics

15 questions for comprehension , 25 questions of error detection , 10 questions of finding perfect fit word

Comprehension topics are latest topics like cryptocurrency , electric cars etc.

Error detection have question of finding errors in sentences

Error detection have question of checking if any word is wrong in the paragraph

In perfect fit or fillers question are of choosing the best alternatives of some words in paragraph  (level of questions are moderate)


Reasoning:   In reasoning around 3 puzzles of 15 questions are there (2 circular puzzle and one time puzzle )  also there are two puzzle on direction of 10 questions

There are 10 questions of syllogism , there are 5 question of inequality , there are 10 question of statement and assumption (levels of questions are moderate)


Quantitative aptitude : In Quant section there are 10 question of data interpretation , 5 question of series and rest of the questions are from geometry, 5 questions of quadratic equations , profit and loss , Compound Interest etc. ( Level of Quant is also Moderate).


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