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Percentage Problems and answer for Bank Exams

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Percentage Problems and answer for Bank Exams  

Percentage Problems for Bank Exams, IBPS PO, SSC and government exam.                                             


Percentage means per hundred or out of hundred.  we can also say that percentage is a fraction whose denominator is 100.

For example :  35% = 35/100

Suppose a student scores 280 marks out of 400 in his class

So his percentage can be calculated by the formula

% = 280/400 *100 = 70%

To convert  a given percentage into a fraction we divide the percentage  by 100

50% = 50/100= 1/2

To convert  a fraction into percentage we multiply  the fraction by 100

2/5 = (2/5 × 100)%  = 40%

Percent of a number  suppose we have to find the x% of a given number y i.e. x% of y, we calculate by using this formula

x% of y = x × y/100

30% of 80 = 30*80/100 = 2400/100 = 24

Percentage Problems for Bank Exams

If 1st number is x% more than the 2nd number, then it means that the 1st number is (100 + x)% of 2nd number

For example suppose a number is 20 %  more than 40, then the number is 120% of 40 i.e.  

120 * 40/100 = 48

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If 1st number is x % less than the 2nd number it means that 1st number is (100 – x)% of 2nd number

For example If ‘a’ is 40% less than 50, then ‘a’ is 60% of 50

a = 60*50/100 = 30

Some important formula about percentage

  • If 1st number is x% more than the 2nd number, then 2nd number is 100x / (100 + x)% less than the 1st number
  • If 1st number is x% less than the 2nd number, then 2nd number is 100x / (100 – x)% more than the 1st number
  • Suppose the population of a city ‘x’ is increasing by r% every year, then the population of city after n years will be  x(1 + r/100)n 
  • Suppose the population of a city ‘x’ is decreasing by r% every year, then the population of city after n years will be  x(1 – r/100)n
  • If a number ‘a’  is first increased by x% and then decreased by x%, then ‘a’ is decreased by (x2/100)%
  • If a number ‘a’  is first increased by x% and then decreased by y%, then ‘a’ is decreased or increased  by (x – y – xy/100)%

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           If (x – y – xy/100) is -ve , then ‘a’ is decreased by (x – y – xy/100)%

           If (x – y – xy/100) is +ve, the ‘a’ is increased by (x – y – xy/100)%   

  • If a number ‘a’ is successively increased by x% and y%, then ‘a’ is increased by (x + y + xy/100) %    

                                   Questions based on percentage

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         1. Vaishali spent Rs. 31,897 on the air conditioner for her home, Rs. 38,789 on buying plasma television and the remaining 23% of the total amount she had as cash with her.What was the total amount?

           a. Rs. 74,625             b. 86,750          c. 91,800          d. Cannot be determine               e. none of these     

                                                                                                                                                                              (Bank Of Baroda Specialist Officer Exam. 05.10.2008)

         2. If p% of p is 36, then p is equal to

           a. 3600          b. 600            c. 60             d. 15

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SSC CGL Prelim exam.27.02.2000

         3. In a recent survey 40% houses contained two or more people. Of those houses containing only one person 25%  were having only a male. What is the percentage of all houses, which contain exactly one female and no males ?

          a. 75%           b. 40%          c. 15%          d. Cannot be determined                  e. None of these

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SBI banks PO Exam. 20.08.2000

         4. If 70% of X = 60% of Y and 40% of Y = 20% of Z. then what percent of Z ix X

          a. 42.8%         b. 120%         c. 85%         d. 84.8%            e. None of these

         5. In an election between two candidates, one got 47% of the total valid votes. 30% of the total votes were invalid. The total number of votes were 12000. How many valid votes did the other person get ?

          a. 4658          b. 4452           c. 5460          d. Cannot be determined.                   e.None of These

         6. Thirty  percent of Ramesh’s annual salary is equal to sixty percent of mahesh,s annual salary. mahesh’s monthly salary is 80% of Rahul’s monthly salary. If Rahul’s annual salary is Rs. 1.53 lacs, what is Ramesh’s monthly salary ?

          a. 2,40,000        b. 20,400          c. 3,24,000          d. 5,400                                        e. None of these

        7. In a test, minimum passing percentage for girls and boys is 30% and 45% respectively. A boy scored 280 marks and failed by 80 marks. How many more marks did a girl require to pass in the test if she scored 108 marks ?

          a. 132         b. 140         c. 160         d. 112            e. None of these

         8. The price of a refrigerator is increased by 15 % and then decreased by 20%. If the original price of refrigerator is 4000, then what is the final price of refrigerator and the percentage change in the price ?

         a. 3680 and 8 % decrease          b. 4320 and 8 % increase            c. 3600 and 10% decrease         d. 4400 and 10% increase

          e. None of these

        9. There are two candidates in an election. One candidate got 68% votes and win by 7740 votes. Find the total number of votes

            a. 25000        b. 24300        c. 21500        d. 24000          e. None of these

        10. If the price of a bicycle is decreased by 12%, then the percentage increase in consumption of a cycle such that the expends will be same is

        a. 15%        b.13.63%        c. 14.23%        d. 15.45%            e. None of these

        11.The ratio of the number of boys to that of girls in a school is 4 : 1. If 75% of boys and 70% of the girls are scholarship – holders, then the percentage of students who do not get scholarship is

         a. 50%        b. 28%            c. 75%          d. 26 %           e. None of these

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (SSC CGL Prelim Exam. 11.05.2003)

        12. In a class 64% students has English and 60% students has maths. If each students has at least one subject and 48 students has both, then the number of total students in a class is

          a. 165         b. 230           c. 184           d. 210               e. None of these

         13. The monthly salary of vijay is 30% of anuj’s monthly salary, whereas Anuj’s monthly salary is 20% of Akash’ s salary. If 70% of Akash’s monthly salary is 1,40,000, what is Vijay’s monthly salary ?

           a. 15000       b. 14000            c. 13000         d. 12000                 e. 11000

         14. In a company, 70% are men. If 30% men and 30% women vote for me, what is the voting percentage of my votes ?

           a. 63%          b. 54%           c. 23%              d. 38%            e. None of these

         15. Fresh grapes contains 80% water while dry grapes contain 10% water. If the weight of dry grapes is 250 kg. What was the total weight when it was fresh ?

           a. 1000 kg           b. 1100 kg                 c. 1125 kg               d. 1225 kg

                                                                                                                                                                                                (NICL (GIC) AO (Finance) Exam. 15.12.2013)

        16. In a class of 240 students, each student got sweets that are 15% of the total number of students. How many sweets were there ?

           a. 3000         b. 3125              c. 8640                d. Cannot be determined                                    e. none of these

                                                                                                                                                                                          (SBI PO Preliminary (Tire -I) Exam. 27.07.2008)

        17. In an examination sachin got 240 marks and failed by 3 % marks, while sohit got 296 marks and passed by 4% marks . find the maximum marks

         a. 650            b. 500          c. 800             d. 850                 e. 750

         18. The salary of A greater than the B is 20% . if A’s saving is 720 which is 4% of his salary, the what is the salary of B ?

          a. 14000       b. 14500         c. 15500           d. 15000             e. None of these

          19. The price of a machine depreciates every year by 10%. If the price of machine will be 13310 after three years, then the present value of machine is

          a. 9000         b. 9860          c. 8500             d. 15600       e. None of these

         20. If the length of a rectangle is decreased by 24%, then what percentage should  the breath be increased so that its area remains same.

         a. 31.5%          b. 34%            c. 35.8%             d. 29.6%         e. None of these

         21. Peter got 30% of the maximum marks in an examination and failed by 10 marks. However, paul who took the same examination got 40% of the total marks and got 15 more than the passing marks in the examination. What were the passing marks in the examination ?

            a. 260         b. 255            c. 250          d. 245                e. 240

         22. Out of five trains, the length of first train is 200 meter, the length of 2nd train is 20% longer than the length of the 3rd train, whose length is 25% more than the 1st train. The length of 4th train is 350 meter and 30% more than the 5th train . the difference in the average length of the four longest train and four smallest train is

        a. 51.5 kg       b. 75 kg       c. 37.5 kg            d. 112.5 kg          e. None of these

        23. Mr. Yadav spends 80% of his monthly salary on consumable items and 50% of the remaining on clothes and transport. He saves the remaining amount . if his savings at the end of the year are Rs. 5370, how much amount per month he would have spent on clothes and transport ?

           a. 4037        b. 8076        c. 9691.20       d. 4845.60           e. None of these

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (SBI PO Exam. 26.11.2006)

         24. The population of a town is increased by 8% in the first year, decreased by 10% in the 2nd year and increased by 10 % in the next year. If the present population of the town is 26730, then the population of the town before 3 years was

          a. 24000         b.27520        c. 25000       d. 24500        e. None of these

        25. By reducing the price of an article by 20%, a man is able to buy 3 more articles in Rs. 1200. Find the original price of the article.

           a. 80             b. 100             c. 120           d. 140              e. None of these  

                                         Answer keys

1. c 7. a 13. d 19. e 25. b
2. c 8. a 14. e 20. a
3. e 9. c 15. d 21. c
4. a 10. b 16. c 22. b
5. b 11. d 17. c 23. e
6. b 12. e 18. d 24. c

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